Day 2

Mission Accomplished!

Okay… here is a summary of Day 2’s mission, talking to 5 strangers and noticing their eye color:

1. Girl at insurance company. Grey-sh blue eyes, though she never made eye contact with me.
2. Jessie @ United Concerts. Brown eyes. Though… I had an agenda. I *had* to talk to her. Trying to get gig as house photographer at United Concerts shows.
3. Gabby @ arby’s. Brown eyes. Small talk about what day is busiest for them

4. Girl @ Rise Against concert. She was standing behind me. I made some lame comment that we couldn’t see the band, but had a nice view of the stage lights. Brown eyes.
5. ADD girl. She is not a stranger; I have met this girl at the club many times. One time I SWEAR she was giving me the kiss signal, but I of course, did not respond. She was with a date tonight. I pulled her in, gave her a hug, and chatted her up for a second. Date wasted no time in noticing she was gone and came looking for her. HA! I made him nervous.  Blue eyes. She is not a stanger, BUT I could very well have ignored her, so I’ll let her count as half a person.
6. Another girl behind me at the show. We were all crammed in close together. I could not help but hear one of her friends discussing the breasts of one of the cocktail servers, and on that note, I joined the conversation. I asked what everyone thought about real boobs vs fake.  This blue eyed cutie told me right off the bat that hers were fake.  They didn’t look fake, and I told her so.

OKAY. There. I did it. I made stupid small talk with 5 1/2 people that I would ordinarily have just not spoken to.  Hmmm… let’s see what tomorrow’s mission is going to be….

Oh my lord. This is ridiculous.  There are 2 parts to this…

1. Do not shave or shower today

2. Randomly dial a number on the phone. When someone answers, try to get them to recommend a good movie to you.  The objective is to practice chatting up strangers.

Get recommendations from 3 different people.

Not gonna lie. I’m kind of excited to make these calls. Reminds me of my prank-calling days as a kid.

To be continued….



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