Day 1

Day 1:  Today’s mission is to talk to 5 people. Nothing needs to come of it, just talk to 5 strangers.  I am trying to stay with the spirit of the challenge, and talk to 5 people I ordinarily wouldn’t have to talk to in the course of my job. I talk to MANY people every day, but it’s usually stupid small talk or answering questions about the mail.  This does not count. This is about pushing me outside of my comfort zone.

Confession: I have started this challenge half a dozen times. I never make it past Day 2. That’s how anti social I really am. I was a bit surprised at how hard this has been for me to do. It’s no wonder I’m still a virgin. At any rate, I finally did it.  Here is a summary of the Day 1 Mission:

Honestly, I only remember the particulars of 1 person. Let’s just say that 4 of them were something along the lines of gas station attendants that I normally could have no conversation with, but THIS TIME, I made small talk. On to the 5th encounter: I was at Ekamai, getting some amazing thai curry to take home for lunch. A girl was standing near the counter. I could tell she was conscious of me, perhaps even checking me out slightly. She’s got a bit of a smile going on. I ask her if she is a regular here (because I certainly am). She says that she’s never tried it, she is simply waiting on some hot water for a baby bottle. I assure her that it’s excellent. She tries a sample, and exclaims repeatedly, “this is incredible!”, as I am walking out.


Day 2: The mission today is to say something to 5 strangers, AND notice their eye color.  This is the mission I never make it past. I think my record is 4 people.

I’m feeling self conscious about this already. You see, I really do talk to more than 4 people in a day. When it’s in the context of work, doing business, whatever… I have no qualms whatsoever about talking to people.  It’s these moments where I’m talking to them BECAUSE they are someone I’d actually not have anything to say to. And that’s the brain fuck, right there, folks.  If I don’t have any specific reason to talk to you, I probably won’t.  And now this book is trying to get me to talk to people BECAUSE they are people I don’t have anything to say to. So what do you say when you don’ t have anything to say?


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