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Alison Rosen
Alison Rosen

This afternoon I was quietly working away on editing photos when I saw a status update on Facebook from Adam Carolla’s co-host, Alison Rosen: “I’m taking your questions on any topic with @lynettecarolla. Call 877 564 2326”

HELL YES. The chance to get a woman’s perspective on one of my life’s quandaries, by Alison Rosen and Adam Carolla’s wife Lynette?! My friends, advice seeking does not get much cooler than this. In fact, at the moment, I cannot think of 2 women I would rather ask questions of. Period. At all.

So, I dial in. A familiar assistant voice answers, “Ace Broadcasting!” I tell assistant Gary my question, he digs it, and puts me on hold for the ladies to talk to me. Soon I’m on hold, but able to hear Lynette and Alison getting the show started up. I was in fan boy mode, not gonna lie. Adam Carolla has long since been someone I admire, but over the past year of listening to his podcast every day, I’ve come to know a little bit more about him. Adam Carolla is absolutely one of my virtual mentors in life. Talking to the one woman that grabbed his attention was a huge honor.

I’ll post a link to the actual audio clip of me talking to them as soon as it comes out. In a nutshell, I asked them

if it’s unreasonable to expect that some women would be okay being in a relationship with me whilst I am doing some nude photography. Essentially, Lynette said that if the girl I’m with knows that I really am into her, and can feel it, she won’t be worried about what’s going on at work. The conversation devolved into chat about why all photographers are creepy.
Shit. I really didn’t want to go down this road.
I have a convoluted relationship with “creepy”. There is a part of me that thinks it’s funny to play myself off as creepy – because I know how harmless I really am. I also get that some people don’t see my harmless gooey center and might take the creepy thing sort of seriously – and for some reason I find a dark sarcastic satisfaction in that. There is another part of me that is just strait up bothered by any notion of being even remotely creepy. I want to be appealing – but I want to be appealing to people BECAUSE I’m living life on my own terms.

adam and lynette carolla
Adam Carolla and his wife Lynette. She hosts the podcast "For Crying Out Loud" on Adam's 'Ace Broadcasting Network'.

I guess that perhaps I’m already doing that… and I guess it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to see the world through my lenses and like me.
There are a number of people, places, and things that I am totally at home with, that a larger part of the population would probably be freaked out by. Fetish night, for instance. That’s good clean fun, in my mind but I guess I have to concede (though this really is a far stretch of my imagination) that some people might be overwhelmed by such a thing – even creeped out.

Anyway, during the course of the interview, Lynette asked what I look like. I gave them my website, thinking I had a photo of me on there. Gary found my twitter account and showed the ladies my photo from that.
The interview ended with Alison saying something like, “the good news is that some girls are into creepy guys”.


So, there you have it. My head was spinning just a little bit afterward. I just talked to Lynette Carolla, a national audience will hear this, and I gave out my website address including some of my deep dark insecurities about being a photographer and dating! HAHA! My first inclination was to tell Michelle what I had done. Luckily my second thought came quickly. She doesn’t need to know this yet. If we ever become a steady thing and are “dating”, one day while I’m kissing her I’ll tell her what I did, and that I’m following Lynette’s advice, as I proceed to tell her how breathtaking she is to me.

Good times. I think.
Go big or go home, right?

Next issue on the table: Will I participate in the charity auction and let myself be auctioned off as a date? Can my ego handle this? oh damn.

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Okay! The show went live today, check it out here on iTunes:   ***When you click on this link, it will just bring you to a list of all the shows.  I’m on the “Singles Edition” 23 December 2011 show. ***



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