Access Denied


Getting blown off sucks.

The other night I was at a club. A gorgeous girl comes along and starts talking to my friend Dave, one of the guys I was hanging out with. He introduced us. She was charming. At some point later on, I started chatting her up again. She was somewhat receptive to talking. She shared a few things about herself. She runs her own business.  She reads a lot – is currently reading Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for the 3rd time. Well done! Okay. I’m impressed. I want to know more about her. You see, this is the level normally at which I’m interested in having coffee with someone.  She’s attractive, and not entirely stupid. Sweet. Let’s talk.

Are my standards too low?

Anyway, As the evening progressed, it became apparent that she had zero interest in talking to me.  Or so it seemed. I I felt like I was getting the classic signs of being brushed off.

On one hand, I’m okay with that. This room is full of girls that look just like her. Blonde, big boobs, blue eyes, skimpy dress, gorgeous curves.



Except for the brains part… that’s HOT!  Damn.

I handle the rejection part because hey – I’m definitely not a one size fits all kind of guy. I know that and I like to think that I own it.  I have a lot to offer a woman. I KNOW this. Even if I’m lousy in bed for the 1st and 2nd time… I’m awesome on the 3rd.  At least I’ve got the 3rd.  I’m reasonably intelligent, ambitious, and attempt to be funny.  I know who I am and I won’t let her blow me off course. I know you ladies love to be told no sometimes.

Turns out I don’t like it so much, though.

As she’s giving me the brush off, I’m thinking… “Wait! Hold on a second! Do you have any idea who I am…..going to be in 5 years?  You have no clue who you are really dealing with here!  I may look weird, but I promise I can run circles around you in every meaningful way.  You are NOT too cool for me, I assure you.  Come back here! Keep talking!  Someday you are going to see me / my work on magazine covers and you’ll brag to people that I hit on you once back when I lived in SLC!   ….except by then you will be a haggard old has-been 40 something year old housewife!   HEY!  Come back here…..!” (yeah, I was rocking the heels and hosiery, but I don’t think it was that relevant)

I know. I’m being a dick.

And disingenuous.

And condescending.

And insecure.



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