children, rock stars & hair product

A day in the life of me:

3:00pm: shot Angela Thompson’s daughters:

They really were a joy to photograph.  They are beautiful little girls that easy  to get great expressions out of.  I relied on my instincts more, and only shot 170 frames (down from my typical 300 +). I blogged about this earlier here; I think I’ve made some changes and am hitting a new stride.  Feels great.

5:30pm: Shot Claire Evanson’s family

8:00pm: Arrived at Complex… shot The Better Life Band:

Check out more of The Better Life Band here:


And then Lola Black:

Check out all of Lola Black’s photos here:

And then Pop Evil took the stage:   See more of their photos here, and check out the video too. I’ll bet you know this song. It’s BAD ASS:

After the show, we (some guys from Better Life Band, the guys from Pop Evil, and myself ) all went over to the new club in The Complex, Evolve.

After last call, we went out to Pop Evil’s tour bus and hung out till the wee hours.  I talked mostly with Matt, the bassist. The topic of long hair came up – he’s got fantastic long hair – and he revealed one of his secrets:

He brought me on the tour bus, went back to his bunk, and he pulled out the Moroccan Oil. He had me try some in my hair – very nice stuff.  Feels like it’s super good for your hair.

Guitarist from BLB, Matt from Pop Evil, Derek from BLB, FUPD.
Guitarist from BLB, Matt from Pop Evil, Derek from BLB, FUPD.

Around 2:00 am, my buddy Joe, purveyor of the 1/4 Mile High Club in SLC, invited me to come hang, saying that some people were going to be there.  Joe’s place rarely disappoints, so I left the tour bus party and made my way to Joe’s. Upon arriving, I found Joe, Al, and a Ukranian girl who trades solely on her looks. Somehow I managed to get Joe in trouble for showing me a compromising photo of her from a few nights previous.  I was a very clumsy wing man. The night previous had been epic in proportions, and my energy levels soon ramped down from the day’s activities.  Before I knew it, I was dozing off on Joe’s sofa.  I picked my sleepy ass up, put it in my car, returned home, and slept like a baby.

Life is good.

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