What made Jesus the Ultimate Ladies Man?


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What made Jesus the Ultimate Ladies Man?

Jessica Wise

founder – The Litas

Devin Townsend

recording artist

Pat Bagley

Pulitzer finalist political cartoonist

Sean Whalen

men’s coach

Robert Clark

National Geographic photographer

Kurt Bestor

Composer, pianist, trumpet player Kurt Bestor


Richard Dutcher

black and white portrait of filmmaker Richard Dutcher


Marianne Willamson

author & spiritual teacher

Steven Wilson

Grammy nominated musician & producer

Peter Breinholt

Singer / songwriter Peter Breinholt photographed by Paul Duane

singer / songwriter

Genpo Roshi

black and white portrait of Zen Master Genpo Roshi

Zen Master Genpo Roshi


….According to my friends.

Timothy Smith, Kelly Boyce, Charlynn Hamaker, Marc Hanson, Steve Conlin, Jake Garn, Ashley Bracy, Richard Dutcher, Dr. Pam Gurley, Brandon Lee, Steve Urquhart, Patrick Williams, Bethany Schrader

We all suspect Jesus being a champion with the ladies… on today’s episode, 12 of my friends weigh in on what made him such a hit with women.

PDX Fri: laughs, libations, and lost chances.

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PDX Day 2: Happy hour indeed
PDX Day 3: Portland so far
PDX Day 3.2: FUPD has assumed control
PDX Day 4: Laughs, libations, and lost chances
PDX Day 5: Cherubs, rainbows, and unicorns shitting Portland glitter cupcakes
PDX Day 6: Homebound
Fri 15 June: So what’s the deal with rivers, anyway?

I went for another ride this morning along Alberta, and found a great spot for a late breakfast: Pine State Biscuits. I ordered the McIsley: a sandwich made of a fresh made biscuit, fried chicken breast, course ground mustard, honey, and pickles. I know, this sounds funky, but it was delicious. While I was eating, a girl sat down at the table across from mine. She was exceptionally beautiful. The women in Portland are markedly different from the girls in Utah. Almost a different species.  There are more “hot” girls in SLC, but I’d say there are more BEAUTIFUL women in Portland. You see more natural beauty up there. Anyway, this girl was one of the top 4 most beautiful I’d seen thus far. I was falling in love right there over my breakfast.  When I finished, I went over and said a few things to her, and I’m sure I

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Access Denied


Getting blown off sucks.

The other night I was at a club. A gorgeous girl comes along and starts talking to my friend Dave, one of the guys I was hanging out with. He introduced us. She was charming. At some point later on, I started chatting her up again. She was somewhat receptive to talking. She shared a few things about herself. She runs her own business.  She reads a lot – is currently reading Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for the 3rd time. Well done! Okay. I’m impressed. I want to know more about her. You see, this is the level normally at which I’m interested in having coffee with someone.  She’s attractive, and not entirely stupid. Sweet. Let’s talk.

Are my standards too low?

Anyway, As the evening progressed, it became apparent that she

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Sufficient For Tonight

Unfamiliarity breeds excitement
spawns daring
first date
in 17 months
she’s no dream girl,
and he’ll do for now.
Blaring music
a safety net for unsteady words
she slides in close
he counts hatching eggs
She leans in
laughs at everything
it’s been 10 years
she makes him feel like Don Juan
flips her hair
feet collide
hands fumble
his mind races
her heart plots
A dam bursts at the base of his brain
he takes her hand
exiting the club
onward to a victory
that will be sufficient for tonight.