Day 3

Mission Accomplished!
Today’s mission was to randomly call local phone numbers and get strangers to give me a movie recommendation. Mission accomplished after I get 3 recommendations.

I picked out the prefix of the hottest girl in my phone book, for good luck, then started making up the last 4 and dialing. Here are the results:  ( I actually dialed many dozens of numbers… most were no answer or disconnected, but here is a run down of the conversations that went on at any length.

Basically, I called and asked for “brian”. Upon discovering that I had the wrong number, I would explain, “Hey, perhaps you can help me. I’m about to pick up some friends for a movie; what is a good movie for a date?”

1. She was nice, seemed caught off guard. She didn’t know of any. Said good bye. About 30 seconds later, she called back and said Insidious was really good.  She ended up being fun.
2. This guy sounded exasperated. He just hung up on me.
3. This dude sounded like he was at home with his wife, 3 kids, and his laborador mutt mix sitting in his lap on the lazy boy. He was cool…. asked his wife: “Honey, what’s a good date movie?” No dice.  He thought it was funny.

4. This guy was in the middle of watching Black swan, and thus was his recommendation.
4.Keith- no suggestions. He works too much and doesn’t get out much.
5. Another keith! Movie “about the kids.  it’s a sequel.” I have no idea what the movie is, but I”m counting it as a suggestion.

I did this in the parking lot of Cafe Rio, grabbing a bite to eat before I hit the stage @ Burt’s. I made myself get the 3 suggestions before I could go in and eat. Took me about 15 min. Lots of no-answers.

I am smiling, feeling more confident, a tad radiant if I may say so. I feel like if Cynthia popped up, I’d be able to handle the situation well.

Kudos to Mo Soto for holding me to this!

* * * * * * * * *


I then proceeded to Burt’s Tiki Lounge to play our show with The Toros. There were only 20 or so people there, but the response was really good! The cheered loudly after each song. I think we really killed them with “You Don’t Love America, You Just Love Yelling”.  One dude sang a line of our song, “You think I like you because you’re interesting, but I like you because your pretty” to me ass he left the bar.  One of my prospective clients, Mike (mc So Sik) and his friend Tony came to the show, but arrived just after we finished playing.  They are new to town and I wanted to introduce them to some people, so I talked Zak into coming to The Hotel with us.  Upon arriving, I bought a round of beers for us all.  One of my favorite bar tenders was there. We’ll call her Sue. I’ve had a crush on her for many months. We’ve been talking about getting together for dinner, wine, chat, etc.  She brought it up… “We still good for tuesday?”

Hell yes.  Sue on Tuesday.

I ran into another adorable girl who works there, we’ll call her Sally. I’ve chatted with her a few times.  I complimented her on her cool fishnet tights, she returned the compliment, and somehow within 30 seconds she was giving me her number. She’s coming over monday night to listen to some albums by “Pretty Lights” (an artist we are both really into), and for some beer.  Hell yes!!

About 20 minutes later I ran into a ridiculously hot girl that I fortuitously hooked up with some time ago. She had tried to come to our show at Burt’s, but she was late and we had already played and left.  She asked me “What are you doing after the club?”

me: Going home

her: You leaving soon?

me: Probably

her: You want me to come over?

me: Yep. [HELL YES. Yes. YES I want you to come over. Unspoken.]

As it turned out, she finally called me at 2:30 am to come over…. but I was in bed and mostly asleep by then, and as delicious as she is…. I *seriously* need to make a good night’s rest more of a priority.  There will be other opportunities.

Okay folks.  I must sign off.  Here is a preview of the next mission….

I must approach 3 girls and ask them for recommendations of where to buy really cool men’s clothes.

much love –



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  1. Hahaha! Love it! The Law of Attraction working at its finest. It is seriously inspiring me to start a challenge like this. At times, when i have “stretched,” my entire environment shifts because my energy is of a whole new set. This is such an excellent example of that. You are inspiring Cousin! Love the updates… Love the challenges, and of course…. reading all about it. 😉

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