rising tide

Just as I was getting ready to go to bed last night, I stumbled upon a project that commanded my attention.  I can’t talk about the specifics right now, other than it’s hilarious, fucked up, and potentially extremely lucrative. And legal.  I was up until almost 6am poking at that project.  I finally forced myself to bed for a few hours, and woke up at 10 to get ready for my meeting with Hans, one of my official unofficial  mentors.  We met for an early lunch, discussed the progress of his business plans here in SLC, then went back to show him my studio.

He met with the german consul for a while, and then we reconvened.  I showed him the state Wine Store, and he insisted on buying me a bottle of nice wine.  He was excited about a swiss varietal that is superb with fondue. Thought they did not have the exact one he was thinking of, we were directed to a bottle of Vin de Savoie Apremont , which is very near the swiss border in France, and decided that it would be worth trying.

We stopped off at Coffee Garden for a small bite and beverage. While there, a girl walked past that totally captivated me. This girl had the “oh shit” factor.  You know, the ones that are so beautiful, the first thing you say is “oh shit…”

Oh shit, I’m going to either have to sack up and talk to her and risk horrible rejection, or go home and live with myself for being a pussy and not talking to her.

SHIT. Dilemma.

She walked past the first time, and her eyes grabbed me.  She came by us a second time, and this time I just had to say something.   In accordance with the Day 6 Mission from the Stylelife Challenge, I decided to compliment her on those amazing eyes. She smiled and thanked me… she seemed very inviting.  Hans and I left and got in the car.  I was kicking myself for not trying to chat her up more and get her number.  As we sat in the car, I stewed over my rejection vs. pussy dilemma.

“Hans, I’ll be right back.  I have to try this”.

I went in, found her, and talked to her for a few minutes.  I know I was stiff and weird. I was nervous! After finding out a little bit about her and chatting, I asked her if there is any way we could meet here again for coffee soon.

“That’s so nice of you to ask…”

She did not say yes.   “That’s so nice of you to ask” is a very tactful way of saying, “no thanks”.

I pulled out one of my cards, handed it to her, and said, “if you decide you’d like to, give me a call”, I smiled, and walked away.


I feel like I’ve run into so much rejection from women lately, it’s becoming kind of demoralizing.  Sure, there are some who love me, but they are either

a) really cool but generally not compatible with my lifestyle

b) bat shit crazy


Anyway…  I need to give 3 more compliments to women tonight to pass off mission 6. I’m not feeling like doing it, but FUCK, I really need to.  My skills with women are so bad, and my ambitions are so high. :-/    OK.  I’m going to drag my ass out the front door, grab my skateboard and head over to Barnes and Noble for a few to do this thing.



On a totally unrelated note, I just found out that one of my friends from growing up in Logan is in a band that’s playing at Coachella this year! I’m pretty impressed. I’ve got a friend in Coachella, a friend on The Bachelor, a friend that is a very well known Internet Marketing Consultant, a friend that rubs shoulders with some of the biggest names in the fashion / modeling business…   perhaps this is a rising tide that will lift this ship, too?



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