Elder Rage

I often deliver mail to retirement community apartment buildings. I just finished one such delivery. It reminded me somewhat of the food court area of a has-been vegas casino. Syrupy orchestra music wafted through the dining area. The music seemed to be an auditory opiate. Little ladies with globe hair-do’s shuffled around exchanging small talk and niceties. They all watched me load up the mail boxes like a hugry pack of wolves stalking a brood of fat piglets.

I have an irrational anger toward the older generations. I just want to grab them, shake them vehemently, and SCREAM-

“How could you be so STUPID?? Why didn’t you do anything to stop the mess you’ve forced me and my kids to inherit?? I have lost YEARS of my life, believing the stupid lies that you still accept like a docile, stupid farm animal!!

Why didn’t you WAKE UP??!!!!”

Yeah. That’s what I want to say to them.

Much love-


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