Versace just gave you permission to wear a skirt, dude.

Call it a sign of the times, call it a relief for closeted transvestites, call it too-haute-for-it’s-own-good-couture, call it what you will, but this just happened: Last week in New York, Donatella Versace unveiled the new Versus collection by Versace. The women’s wear was funky, young, and edgy, as one would expect. The men’s wear included mini skirts and dresses for those packing an XY chromosome.

642680-versace-versus-collectionWhile this is not specifically about legwear, this does herald  the progression of men’s fashion across traditional gender lines.  A significant part of our reader base is made up of men who enjoy wearing women’s hosiery (and often other accoutrements and clothing items), so this does become very relevant. After all, last year, Itallian fashion designer Emilio Cavalini blew up the fashion blogosphere by announcing their tights for men.

I’m pretty happy to be living in a world where, when it comes to fashion – anything goes.  Donatella Versace just gave you permission to wear a skirt, gentlemen. Who’s up for it?  The real challenge is in finding ways to blur the lines with taste and style.  Have any of my male readers created a look that integrates both the masculine and feminine?  Do you integrate pantyhose or other hosiery into your wardrobe? Are you a man in tights and a skirt? If so, let’s hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Hi Paul.

    I, on the other side, have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with a wife that loves it when I use pantyhose, heels and short skirts. It has been over 4 years since and we’v enjoyed going to parties, numerous activities and trips with a wardrobe of Nine West “Rocha” size 11, Activskin A699 black pantyhose and a short denim skirt.

    I believe Versace is making it easier for guys to wear comfortably an alternative to the everyday trousers. The only problem now is how to find a place that sells these skirts in Toronto, Canada?


  2. Hi Paul
    I’m a closeted pantyhose wearer of r much of the time because of my wife and her attitude towards public wearing.
    I have worn with shorts in public on occasion and had the opportunity to do so again this week while I spend some time with Steve Katz from the men’s pantyhose company Activskin.
    It was refreshing to be out in pantyhose with shorts where no one noticed and the feeling was amazing.
    Keep up that blog.

    Best Regards

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