Review: Nordstrom Sheer Gloss Pantyhose

On stage while hosting The Paul Duane Show. You can see the sheer and glossy character of them in this shot.

With summer approaching, I began a search for some new go-to nude pantyhose to rely on this summer. I wanted something that was very sheer, very lightweight,  long lasting,  something that gives my legs that little something extra that makes people look three times, and – something with a luxurious, silky feel.  In the past I’ve been able to find hosiery that meet any 2 of these criteria at any time, finding all traits in one pair has been elusive.

I noticed on that they had a new style of Nordstrom branded pantyhose: Sheer Gloss.  That piqued my curiosity. I bought a pair and have been very pleasantly surprised at the results.

Out Of The Package:

Right out of the package, they seemed appropriately long in the leg. Sometimes this points toward a pair of pantyhose that will be a tad tall in the sizing, and this proved to be the case. It wasn’t by much, but it made me wonder if I could have gotten away with wearing one size smaller than I usually would expect to buy.  These pantyhose are made in Italy for Nordstrom, and that became immediately obvious. The Itallian hosiery mills are well known for their superior quality.  This is an $11.00 pair of pantyhose that has a low rise panty portion, flat seams, an invisibly reinforced toe, and a 10 denier leg.  I bought them in black.  As I pulled them up, they fit perfectly. The fabric appeared to be silky right out of the package, and as they stretched over my legs, the silkiness really became obvious. They are both very silky to the touch; they also feel really nice when you rub your legs together (not all ultra sheer hose can brag this).

A Quick Lesson About Hosiery Manufacturing:

Nylon is extruded kind of like this, but on a microscopic scale.

Pantyhose are typically made up of two kinds of yarns that are woven together to create the fabric that makes up pantyhose: Nylon and a more elastic thread such as Lycra, Spandex, or Elastane. Nylon is typically being the major component in pantyhose, comprising 75% – 95% of a typical pair. When Nylon is manufactured, it is extruded into tiny threads of different shapes. Some threads are round, some are oblong, some are square, some are triangle shaped. Different shaped threads impart different characteristics to the final fabric. Think of the Play-dough extruders that you used to play with as a kid, and you’ll have the right idea.  When the hosiery mill wants something that has a more matte finish, they will use a round thread. The round threads refract the light in different directions, lending the non-shiny, matte appareance. If they want a glossy finish, a triangle shaped thread is used.  These Sheer Gloss pantyhose  had a nice transparent quality to them, although due to the inherent glossy finish of the fabric, they can make one’s legs look kind of blanched when photographs are taken using a direct flash.  Photos aside, to the naked eye, these pantyhose really live up to their name: sheer gloss. Most certainly a triangle shaped thread at work.

In The Real World:

I wore them on stage as I hosted my talk show, The Paul Duane Show, and then to an afterparty that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. They completed the first night of wearing without any damage.  I washed them and wore them for a second night. At the end of the second night, they developed some very small pinholes where a few yarns had broken, but runs did not develop. A small, almost invisible dot of clear nail polish secured the threads and set the stage for a third and fourth wearing.  They did not actually fail until after I had come home from the fourth night out in them. I was walking around without shoes on, and a hole was created in the foot. I live in a place with old reclaimed wood floors that are wrought with imperfections: not a place to wear hosiery without shoes. 537454_10151318746061862_1967522928_n

These pantyhose cost $11.00 per pair (or 3 / $30 ) which brings the cost per wearing to $2.75 (or $2.50 if you buy in bulk).  This is an excellent value, in my opinion, especially when compared with the copious failure rate of what I used to consider the old stand by, Hanes Silk Reflections (they are pretty nice to wear, but I often only get one wearing out of them, at $8.00 per pair).

Fit: 9 / 10

Feel: 9/10

Look: 9/10

Longevity: 4 solid nights out on the town!

Cost per wear: $2.75

I’m a fan. I’ll be purchasing some of these pantyhose in nude shades soon. If my experience with them changes in the future, I’ll update this review accordingly.



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