The big question about grilled cheese

Look, I know all of you have been dying to know the answer to this question… and I, your humble servant, Paul Duane, have ventured to answer it tonight!!

Which is better, grilled cheese prepared with butter on the bread, or olive oil, as a frying medium?Grilled Cheese: butter vs olive oil

Here we have, on the left, a grilled cheese with butter on the bread.  On the right, olive oil.  In just a few short minutes I will eat them both and tell you what the best method is.  I know, this is very exciting. Try to keep it quiet. Your kids are trying to sleep. They don’t need their stoner mom who has the munchies, waking them up at 2:08 am.


I’m slightly surprised.

I was totally expecting to like the olive oil version better… I mean, what can’t olive oil do better than other forms of gross fat, like.. butter?

I never use butter, save for grilled cheese sandwiches.

I must admit: I can taste the olive notes in the olive oil sandwich, which is interesting.  Also worth noting, the olive oil version seemed a bit … hmm…. awwww, fuck it.  I can’t really write about this.

The butter fried sandwich was better.  There. I said it.



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