Good morning! This morning at my parent’s home, they are, as ususal, playing BYU TV. A program is on, featuring a couple of “professors of church history and doctrine”. (I’m certain that these obviously bright people eat prozac like candy just to keep the depression / cognitive dissonance at bay).

They are discussing a passage where the missionaries are told to ‘cast the dust from their feet’ as a testimony against those who they have taught.

For the uninitiated, this gesture is an outward sign that the missionaries are no longer accountable for the sins of the people they have taught. Apparently the Lord told them that they didn’t need to do it RIGHT IN FRONT of the people (turns out, it was highly offensive, and they were getting beat up a lot). God told them they could do it in a more private setting… because omnipotent God, Alpha and Omega, needs them to brush their shoes off, to help him remember that these folks are now on the eternal naughty list…

I digress. let us revisit the 2nd Article of Faith:

2. We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.


Jesus just loves hyperbole.

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