integrity to heart and identity

I’ve found myself in an interesting spot… between mind-bending, ligament-warping uphill ascents, as it were. I’ve found myself taking pause and inventory.

My dear friend Dave gave me a jewel of wisdom during a very difficult time.

Dave was patiently listening to me spew the raw sewage of my freshly injured heart and mind. I was contemplating various courses of action, most of which were reactionary in nature.

(paraphrasing) “You have to decide what kind of person you want to be, and just be that. You’ve got to have personal integrity to what you are all about, regardless of how anyone accepts it, rejects it, or other wise reacts to it. “

Dave was probably the only person at that time who could issue such a soft spoken, yet heart-stoppingly bold challenge to me: In my time of most dire hurt, when my whole world seemed to be crashing down around me –

  • To resist the urge to react.
  • To become deaf to the coaching of my well intentioned loved ones.
  • To focus solely on my personal identity – my value system.
  • To act in harmony with my personal values, regardless of the cost to my heart and pride.

I don’t say this to brag, but only to thank, and to pass along some good wisdom…

Some how, it all worked. Brilliantly.

With the help of some strategically placed friends, placed, it seems, by a loving Father in Heaven…

Changes of heart came, as answers to prayers that I didn’t even have the energy to pray…

In some very miraculous way, this week, clarity arrived, and with not a second to spare. I can now see how the trail behind me lead to this excelent vista.

I suppose the reason I am writing about this is to make a public testimony that when you stay focused on the things that you know to be true, the things that only you know in your heart… beautiful outcomes are inevitable.

Thank you, Dave.

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  1. Thanks man,
    Just saw this. Love your blog. Hell I didn’t even know you had one until you showed me Chad Vader. Good Times. Glad to get to hang with you and also I’m glad that some of whatever comes out of my mouth alighted with grace upon your ears. Or in lamens terms. Word.

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