Wow… it’s fascinating how the universe delivers. The last 7 days have been abundant! Here’s the latest… The back story: Last year – spring of 2007, to be exact, I made an attempt at marketing my music photography. In doing so, I submitted my portfolio to a number of agencies. I became very preoccupied with building my BurnLounge business… and then recovering from the subsequent collapse of the business. I virtually forgot about my portfolio submissions. Fast forward to this summer – I begin work on The Weight Of Glory Project. Even in it’s beginning stages, I’m feeling a deep sense of calling and satisfaction. I begin feeling pulled toward something I’ve never really done before… photojournalism. The notion of making part of my living creating images that tell stories – and hopefully of meaningful stories – stirs my spirit. A career as a wedding / portrait photographer is… basically inconsequential, in my mind. But a photojournalist… has power to change the public’s perception of things. If you are reading this, chances are, I need not explain any more why this appeals so much to me. On top of all this noble-ish stuff… at the end of the day, my music photography (which is my favorite category), is really, photojournalism.

This evening I’m noodling around on my bass, IM’ing a friend, and basically just trying to forget that in 12 hours I’ll be a mail man again… when an email arrived. It seemed foriegn enough that I almost deleted it. Upon closer inspection, it was an acceptance letter from one of the agencies I applied with over a year ago! Somehow, somewhere, they finally got around to my application, and were interested in my music photography! I’m very happy and proud to say that as of tonight, I’m represented by one of the biggest photo agencies in the market – Zuma Press!

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