Utah Auto Maker Can’t Sell To Utahns

In 2015, Tesla Motors built a store in Salt Lake City. The State of Utah denied them a business license, citing their failure to comply with a law requiring all new cars to be sold through the traditional privately owned dealership model. The dealership model has been the status quo for the entire history of car sales. It was originally conceived to protect consumers, but times have changed and now the status quo hurts consumers – only protecting the profits of the family dealership empires.

Last year, Representative Kim Coleman sponsored a bill aimed at opening up the Tesla store. This year, the issue has expanded. There are two innovative automakers in Utah who are also not able to sell directly to Utah customers: Kirkham Motor Sports and Vanderhall Motorworks.  Rep Coleman is sponsoring a new bill in the Utah 2016 Legislature with the goal of removing government intervention and allowing businesses to sell directly to their consumers if they choose to. As of publication time, the bill has not been named and numbered. If you are interested in being part of a grassroots movement to help get this law changed, join my email list. I’ll be passing along instructions from Rep Coleman via email. Join here: http://eepurl.com/wMkL9

In addition to the grassroots activism, we were entertained by stand up comedian Steve Soelberg. He did a great set of jokes about cars. He is absolutely brilliant, you’ll hear it on the podcast.  Many thanks to Five Wives Vodka , Bohemian Brewery, and The Photo Collective Studios for making this month’s show possible!


    1. Great time indeed! Thank you for bringing out one of your vehicles for us to check out. That definitely gave the audience a better appreciation for the issue.

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