No good answers to the death of Kelly Simons


In January 2013, Kelly Simons was shot and killed by police in Salt Lake City.  19 months later, very little publicity and even fewer answers have come to the surface regarding the the details of her death.  Kelly’s father Scott joined me for an interview to day to discuss the family’s experience of losing a daughter to police, and then having the police remain tight-lipped about the details of their decision to shoot and kill their daughter.

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  1. I saw some footage allegedly from the scene of the Michael Brown shooting.
    From my view from a distance is the whole police force system in the United States is flawed.
    You have different police in every county with different methods of training and psycometric training. Basicly Billy Bob is the second inbred cousin of the mayor and gets the job of police chief.
    As much as our police force is not perfect, Australia has state run policing and then you have the Federal police at borders ad in the ACT.
    This means more stablility and better training as well as less overhead and greater cooperation.
    The caller who said Mayberry is long has it right. It’s more like the episode of the Simpsons when Charles Bronson played the part Sheriff in the Andy Griffith show.
    It’s fine for me to be giving advice from 20,000 Km’s away but all we see on TV are bumbling cops with no idea except shoot first and ask questions later.
    Next week, i’ll give you some more clues why your gun laws are totally f……

    See you on facebook

    1. Steve,
      Thanks for dropping a line. It’s always fascinating to hear perspectives from the other side of Spaceship Planet Earth. The information war is alive and well here in America.

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