Cat Palmer has hundreds of secrets

They say a secret is something you tell one other person…

Secrets come in all shapes and sizes, from minor white lies, to black hearted lies, to what Plato called “noble lies”:

Today I spoke with photographer Cat Palmer about her recent exhibition, “I Have A Secret”.  We talked about all of the ryhmes and reasons that we keep secrets and, occasionally, share them.  Cat’s exhibit was made up of hundreds of secrets that people accross the nation sent to her via anonymous text messages and anonymous post cards. She read dozens of these confessions over the air. Some were hilarious “I ran over your cat”  and some unbelievably dark, “I can’t wait until my mother passes away” … and everything in between.

I know. Some of you disagree with the humor of  ‘I ran over your cat”.  It’s funnier than you think.

You can see Cat’s photography work at

She is continuing the “I Have A Secret” project and will be touring it nationally in the future. You can participate by writing your secret on a postcard and sending it to:

Cat Palmer
PO Box 727
Clearfield, UT 84089

Do not  include your return address, name, or any other identifying information.

30 Sept 2013 show notes – Cat Palmer


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