Why I don’t wear costumes at Burning Man


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Why I don’t wear costumes at Burning Man

I’m the Crossdressing Mormon Anarchist. I’m that guy who will show up to your party, a business meeting, or a first date wearing pantyhose, heels, tailored shorts and a blazer. When people find out that I’m a Burner, they almost always include, “I want to see all of the pics of you in your costumes at Burning Man!”

I hope you are ready to be underwhelmed by my answer.  I think most people assume I’ll take my normal look:

and multiply it by BURNING MAN YEAAAAHH!!!!

They conjure me in ridiculously flamboyant heels, weirder tights, skirts, all manner of sartorial debauchery.

At the risk of disappointing you all, Here is a picture of my typical Burning Man attire:

There are two basic reasons I don’t wear crazy costumes at Burning Man:

  1. I’ve already Radically Self Expressed all year long: Radical Self Expression is one of the “Ten Principles of Burning Man“, it’s the one that gives permission to people wear whatever they please – or nothing at all.  Most people spend their days wearing clothes they’d rather not be in, to jobs they’d rather not do – I understand their intense desire to let loose and wear all kinds of weird shit. Hell, back in my mail man days, a part of me died when I had to start wearing a uniform for 60 – 70 hours out of my life every week. I was like a broken stallion. In a mail truck. Bringing you pizza coupons every Tuesday. And your power bill.  Conformity for conformity’s sake has always made my guts uneasy.  I radically self express every day, all year long – I spend my days doing work I love, dressing exactly how I want to. I don’t have any fashion wiggles to get out of my system when I arrive in Black Rock City.
  2. Style vs Fashion: Burning Man is an opportunity to be completely genuine, to abandon social norms.  This includes dressing like the masses. See point #1.  There is a growing “Burner Look” in Black Rock City. Function gave way to form, which gave way to fashion. It’s kind of a cool look – don’t get me wrong. And, there are so many sexy people out there – holy shit. That being said, “the burner look” is a thing. It’s becoming more and more of a fashion show. While I’ve always loved style, I’ve never cared for fashion – they are two very different things.  Style is rooted in a deep knowing of one’s self and the boldness to be it. Fashion is all about following instructions. Dress the way the fashionistas have instructed you, and you too, can be cool. We are social animals – the temptation to fit in with the crowd is deep in our DNA. For me, Black Rock City is the one place where that thought should be the furthest from my mind. Hence, my completely boring, functional desert style.

Nevertheless, Black Rock City is still the most inclusive, loving, open minded, egalitarian city on Earth. Being mindful of these things is how we’ll keep it that way.  Fortunately, the worst judgement that gets passed on me for being a dude out there with a decent haircut,  normal clothes and horrible dance moves, is that people often think I’m an undercover cop. (Yes, there are cops everywhere out there, and a surprising number of them are undercover).  Not my favorite thing – I guess that’s the price I pay for being authentic.

Not gonna lie though. Just the thought that some might think I’m a cop is enough to severely tempt me to don some glittery fairy wings, striped tights, pink tutu, and a sequined captain’s hat.

Happy Burn!

Review: Philippe Matignon Jade sheer tights

Maybe it was swanky signature logo on the packaging that set up my high expectations for the Philippe Matignon Jade pantyhose.

Maybe it was the rumor that this style is Kate Middleton’s favorite (the Duchess is known for her penchant for nude pantyhose, and is credited with bringing them back into vogue).

At any rate, I was excited to try them out. Today’s adventure that these sheer tights must endure:

  1. photo shoot with model Zoe (shooting her in pantyhose for Hosieree‘s social media… so meta! ) which means I’ll be on the floor, moving things, and will inevitably kick off my heels and walk around in my bare / stocking feet for a few hours (which can be murderous on sheer hosiery)
  2. photographing the SLC Jazz Festival (who knows that that will bring)
  3. come home to a pack of stupidly excitable dogs who will jump all over me and lick me to death when I walk in the door.

First, a few details on these tights:  In terms of construction, they are semi-boarded in the foot, sheer toe, sheer to waist and have light reinforcing around the seams in the waist. Stitching in the waist is flat-seamed, which is standard for hosiery in this price point. The toe seam is small, neat, and should you insist on wearing hose with open toed shoes, the Jade pantyhose would be a good choice.  The fit was great; they stayed on very comfortably – no constant adjusting needed. As for feel – to touch them, they feel pretty average. Smooth, but not slippery. When you rub your legs together in them, they have a reasonably silky feel to them, a 7/10 in that department.


Where these nylons really shine – pun intended – is in their appearance. They create a gorgeous, subtle glow on your legs – enough to get people looking and wondering why your legs look so damn good. Even at very close range, my model, Zoe, had to ask if I was wearing tights.

There are different reasons for wearing sheer hosiery. If you are wearing them as a layer, or for the silky tactile sensation -there are slightly better offerings out there. If you are going to be showing some leg and want your legs to look extra magical without it being super obvious, AND you want a nice feel – the Philippe Matignon Jade pantyhose should be in your hosiery drawer.

I get why Kate likes these nylons. They really are gorgeous. 

Get yours here: https://www.hosieree.com/products/PhilippeMatignonJade20.html

P.S. They did not survive being attacked by the dogs.  That dog is certainly going to doggy hell for this.

Review: Kunert Blue sheer tights

Pantyhose made out of garbage? From Germany?

Yes, and they are wonderful.

German hosiery maker Kunert is the first to make pantyhose from ECONYL® yarn, which is produced from recycled textile waste and old nylon fishing nets recovered from the ocean. They didn’t stop at the tights, the packaging is made out of eco friendly cardboard without any unnecessary plastic components.

I don’t speak German, and you might not either, but I think you’ll get the idea:

This was much easier to understand:

Let’s set aside the awesome green – cred that these nylons have and just talk about them on their own merits. Much like German luxury cars – Kunert quietly gets all of the details very, very right. Every seam is immaculately constructed:

Kunert gives every pair of it’s hosiery a tag with their logo on one side, and the style name of the hosiery on the other, for those of you who like to keep track of which style you are wearing. I realize that most of you won’t see why this matters – and for casual hosiery wearers it totally doesn’t. For those who wear hosiery often enough that it matters how long each pair lasts, it can really help you keep a mental note of which styles are wearing well and which aren’t. Most hosiery becomes nameless once you’ve taken it out of the package, worn it once, washed it, and returned it to your drawer. Not Kunert – they proudly wear their name.

The Blue pantyhose are interesting – overall I’d tell you they have a matte finish, as you can see in these photos:

But then they can render a bit of a shine, too:


The weave is consistent and not prone to separation. the color consistency is excellent.  In terms of fit, I found the leg to be a bit long, which is a forgivable offense. Hey tall people – take note. You will appreciate the Blue.  As you saw in a previous photo – they have a sheer toe, but the seem is rather substantial. Personally I don’t think you should ever wear hosiery with open toe shoes, but if you are inclined to, now you know what you are getting into.

I am brutally hard on my hosiery. I wear them in a working studio, I live with a couple of super excitable friendly dogs that have a special 6th dog-sense for when I’m wearing nice hosiery, which motivates them to scratch and jump all over me.  You can take the number of wearings I get out of a pair, multiply it by 2.5, and that’s probably what a normal person will get out of them.  That being said, I’ve worn my Kunert Blues out on a several occasions so far and they show zero sign of stopping.

In terms of feel: They have a very soft, cotton-esque feel when you touch your legs. Very comfortable. Many hosiery connoisseurs are looking for something with a very silky feel when your legs rub together (like with a good pair from Cecilia de Rafael or Platino): not happening with the Kunert Blue. It’s cottony softness all the way.

In summary: I really like these nylons. I love that they are made from waste, I really like their understated look on my legs (which is perfect for some occasions), and they are proving to be very durable. A very practical pair of luxury pantyhose.  I’d be very happy to stock up on these as a go-to every day pair.

Get yours at https://www.hosieree.com/products/KunertBlue15.html

Review: Kunert Chinchillan 20 sheer tights

Today’s review marks my first experience with German hosiery maker Kunert. A friend assured me that I would enjoy them – she was not mistaken. I’ve worn them out on two rigorous occasions: a busy party, and a day at work in the studio followed by going out for drinks. Kunert goes so far as to claim a “no runs guarantee”.

Game on, Kunert. I am famously hard on my hosiery, let’s see what you can take.

Some construction observations, right out of the package:

  • Semi – boarded, sheer toe.
  • They are supposedly 20 denier, feel more like 15 or 12 in my hand.
  • Attention to detail is outstanding: The style name, Chinchillan, is embroidered in the waistband:
  • Not only does this pair of nylons feature the super comfy, stealthy flat seams, they’ve done an impressive job with doubling the weave right around the seams. This is a classic stress point where a cheaper pair of hosiery will begin to fail under stress. Incredibly nice job here, Kunert. 
  • They are obviously proud of their work, look at that tag:

Fit and Feel: 

  • They stretch on very comfortably. I got a size that is technically one size smaller than I should be wearing, but they fit well anyway.
  • They definitely feel more sheer than 20 denier. More like 12-15 den
  • Waistband sits pretty low on the hip. These are not your mother’s pantyhose that go half way up your rib cage.
  • Top portion is loose and comfy. The upside, it’s super comfy. Downside, I had to give them a little tug now and then to keep them exactly where I wanted them. My guess is that if I was in a the next size up, this may not be an issue. Ladies, those of you who complain about pantyhose tops being tight and restrictive – you will love these.
  • I got them in “candy” color: I have *very* fair, Danish skin. The Chinchillan imparted a nice light, golden caramel color to my legs. On the package, they are labeled as being “matt-shimmery”. Normally I’d say these are two opposite points on a continuum with matte and super glossy being the two ends. Somehow, these manage to give an ever so slight shimmer to the outline of your leg while remaining matte and relatively undetectable on your skin. Very subtle, refined look. I’m a big fan of how these look on the leg.
  • Feel: Touch your legs while wearing them, and they feel not silky to the point of being slippery, but very soft. Certain styles of pantyhose feel very slippery and silky when you rub your legs together in them. Definitely not the case with Chinchillan.  I’m fairly certain the tactile qualities of these nylons are due to the run-resistant weave and the yarns used: 72% polyamide, 28% elastane.

I put them through two days of wearing, one of which included lots of time working at my desk, followed by a fantastic warehouse party; the next day I wore them to work in the studio. I kicked off my heels and walked on the 100 year old wood floors, climbed ladders, moved photo gear around in them.

Those gorgeous old wood floors are notorious for tiny little rough edges that are absolute murder on sheer hosiery. I really didn’t expect the Kunert Chinchillans to survive my day in the studio but they did! They were still in perfect shape when it was time to go downtown to an upscale bar for drinks with an associate.

The people at Kunert obviously have their act together in the manufacturing process. This is a very high quality pair of nylons.  I’m loving how they make my legs look. If you like that bare-but-holy-shit-why-do-your-legs-look-so-amazing look, you should definitely get a pair.

And here I am wearing them in my weekly WTF to do in SLC piece:


Review: Glamory Classic 20 tights for men

One of the best kept secrets in the world is that many men love women’s hosiery.

…and not just women’s legs when adorned in them. A massive number of men love to wear tights, nylons, and pantyhose, themselves. (Ladies, I assure you that you know at least a couple of guys who do this, but you’ll never know) Although many of their wives and girlfriends will be forever kept in the dark about this sartorial secret, there’s one group that knows all about it:

Hosiery makers and retailers.  Online hosiery retailers know this best; a surprising percentage of their customers are men.  Several hosiery makers have tried creating and packaging pantyhose “for men”.  Could there be a more convoluted marketing dilemma? Do the fellas like them because they are a woman’s item? Would they consume more of them if the stigma of crossdressing was reduced with more manly packaging?

I have tried “pantyhose for men” a few years ago from a company that was endeavoring to create an entire brand of sheer hosiery just for men. I ordered one pair and never bought more. I was unimpressed. The fabric was a bit rough, and even though they had a fly opening, that feature has never been important to me.

German hosiery maker Glamory is the latest to bring such offerings to the marketplace.  I’ve already reviewed their Thermoman 100 footless tights (love them) I’ve put their Classic 20 sheer tights for men through their paces, and I’m here to report back.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a great pair of nylons:  luxurious feel on my skin, the right color, great fit, durability, and price. They’ve got to feel good, look good, fit well, and not break the bank.

Glamory’s Classic 20 feature a reinforced “panty” area – henceforth to be referred to as the boxer brief top.  At the top of the thigh, the fabric shifts gears a bit from the elegant, smooth weave of the leg, into a more course yet not totally opaque consistency.

Moving further up, the area right around your groin is made with a much thicker fabric that facilitates the fly opening. These are absolutely made to be worn as underwear.  The opaque knit of the groin region turns these into something one could lounge around the house in around mixed, albeit intimate, company. One other note about the boxer brief top: It was wonderfully comfortable. Whereas women’s hosiery can be comfortable, it’s still a bit of a stretch at times… The Glamory Classic 20 are obviously tailored to fit a man in this area. I’m a big fan of the fit. Wonderfully comfortable from toe to waist in a way that precious few women’s pairs are.

They feature a boarded foot and reinforced toe, which I appreciate because the toe is an obvious failure point as your hosiery are put through normal stresses of wear.  I wasn’t expecting a super nice fabric on the leg – an expectation inherited from my previous experience with men’s hosier from an unrelated maker. I was very pleasantly surprised! They felt really nice! I didn’t feel like I was wearing something made for a man – the leg fabric was soft, quite silky, and did a great job of being both sheer in appearance but definitely 20 denier in toughness.

The only drawback for me personally was that weave change at the top of the leg. I wear a lot of very short shorts, and sometimes that weave change can be visible (especially when sitting down).

All things considered: I’m impressed. My favorite feature of the product is the slightly modified patern that allows more room in the butt and groin area. These are definitely tailored for a man’s dimensions.  Get a pair for yourself at  https://www.hosieree.com/products/GlamoryClassic20Men.html

Review: Falke Pure Shine 15

Have you ever owned or driven a German luxury car? Audi… BMW… Mercedes… Porsche…

For whatever reason, Germans do cars better than everyone else. Period. There’s just something refined in every aspect of the design, every part, extra attention to detail is evident.

I’ve begun my exploration of German hosiery makers. Today I’m reviewing the Falke Pure Shine 15 sheer tights, color: Powder. A few observations on construction as they came out of the package: boarded, semi-invisbly reinforced toe, flat seams, back panel, no gussett, sheer to waist.

I have a problem with hosiery that’s just a degree too light, one’s legs look pasty and ridiculous in tones that are just a bit too light. Choosing from color swatches online can be a guessing game.  “Powder” seems like it’s going to be light, but the color swatch seemed to indicate a nice tan nude tone, so I went with it.

Coming out of the package they look fairly dark tan, one can already see the golden shimmer of the light off of the fabric before you even put them on.  Going on my legs – it felt like driving a fine German car. The fabric was sheer but absolutely confident in itself. Some tights feel like they are just looking for something to snag on – these do not. They are minding their own business, and that business is making your legs look and feel fucking incredible. Yep. There. I said it. These may be my favorite pair of pantyhose in the history of favorites, so far.


They are called “pure shine” and they definitely do have a glimmer to them – though it shows up a bit different than the shine on something like Cecilia de Rafael’s hosiery. While CDR produces a very glass-like shine, this pair of pantyhose have more of a “glow” around the edges, if that makes any sense. It’s difficult to describe but it’s incredibly alluring when you see it.

Ladies, if you want him glued to your legs, show up in some Falke Pure Shine 15’s. Your legs will have a certain glow and something-something to them that nobody will be able to put their finger on, but they’ll be dying to touch your legs with that finger.

As for feel: the fabric itself is absolutely perfect to the touch. They feel very soft and silky to touch, and on the recieving end, my legs feel really nice in them, too. It’s a sensual treat to wear these.

Paul Duane in falk pure shine 15 den tights

Paul Duane in falk pure shine 15 den tights

The only thing I did not absolutely love about the Falke Pure Shine pantyhose, is the back panel. That being said, I don’t like anyone’s back panel design. Depending on what’s happening in my life, sometimes I fit into sizes that don’t use a back panel, sometimes I do. That being said, Falke’s back is the lesser of some of the evils.

I am VERY hard on my hosiery. Between our excitable dogs, my tendency to walk around without shoes on in the studio, and events in a variety of situations, I am the ultimate tst fr hosiery. If they can survive me, they will serve you very well. These Falk nylons powered me through a photo shoot, then a very busy party at a venue aptly named “The Garage”,  and then to an afterparty. Upon taking them off, they seemed to still be in perfect condition. I expect that these nylons will see me through many adventures before they run.

If you drive a lot, you owe it to yourself to drive some German engineering; your days will be more comfortable. If you wear hosiery often, you owe it to yourself to try out Falke.

These tights are $32. Yes. Thirty two dollars. Plus shipping.. and they are worth every. damn. penny.

I’m going to be reviewing a few other German brands this month, stay tuned.

Get your Falke sheer tights here: https://www.hosieree.com/products/FalkePureShine.html

vroom vroom.


Review: Angel 15 by Hosieree

I checked the mail and found a large envelope from one of my favorite hosiery retailers, Hosieree.com. Inside were a couple of pairs of their new seamless pantyhose. One pair for me, one for my model to show off in front of the camera. I love my job.

Europeans do it better. I don’t know what the deal is, but European hosiery mills just create nylons, tights, and pantyhose that look and feel vastly better than anything from American hosiery companies. Those of you who say you hate wearing hosiery owe it to yourself to try some of the better European brands. Here’s the kicker – they are often the same price as the garbage you are buying from American hosiery makers.  “Where can I buy these fine European nylons that you speak of?”, you ask?  Hosieree.com is my favorite, because they are based in the USA (New Jersey), and they ship very quickly.

Today we are reviewing one of Hosieree’s in-house styles, the Angel 15 seamless pantyhose. It’s a seamless style, which means that there are no seams in the panty portion. Normal tights have a seam that runs up the front and back and is joined in the crotch area with a cotton patch called the “gusset”. NONE of that exists on these. The same sheer, silky fabric of the leg just continues all the way up to the waist, every square inch, uninterrupted. It’s kind of crazy to look at them and wonder how in the world they knit these things. I have no clue. Magic, I suppose. The result is that they FEEL like magic.


Wearing tip:  Go commando when you wear these. Wearing anything underneath them totally defeats the purpose of a pair of nylons that won’t create lines, and, they just feel really good on your skin.  I’d consider these low-rise, as they will sit pretty low on your hips. For those of you that are used to old school pantyhose that go half way up your rib cage, this is a completely different situation.  There is plenty of length in the leg. For those of you who are a bit taller or hate feeling your nylons sag in the crotch, you will love the Angel 15’s.

Construction features: They are billed as being 15 denier (denier refers to the thickness of the fabric, the higher the number, the thicker and more opaque it is). They feel more like a 12 denier, for what it’s worth.  Some hosiery feel slippery and shiny on your skin – these feel soft and have a more matte appearance. My model, Allison obviously is wearing a black pair.

pd angel 15 _edit

Ever seen a man wearing nylons and heels? Here you go. I’m wearing them in Daino, which is their slightly darker nude tone. I have very fair skin, and still these managed to disappear onto my legs, making them look more even toned and like I actually spend time in the sun.  They do have a seam in the toe, but no reinforcement, so if you want to wear open toed shoes, it’s possible – just tuck that seam away. Let’s be honest though. If you are going to wear hosiery, wear closed toe shoes. If you MUST wear open toed shoes, it’s not a hosiery day.


Click here to get your Angel 15’s at Hosieree.com

All of these photographs are my work. If you’d like to book me for photography, click here.  Okay, a few more pictures of Allison. She’s just so pretty….







What are the rules for wearing pantyhose / nylons / tights?

When should I, shouldn’t I wear pantyhose, nylons, or tights? What are the fashion rules for hosiery?


Clinton Kelly from “What Not To Wear” answers:

“I can talk about pantyhose for an hour straight. There are better ways to wear hose than others. One way is to trick people into thinking you’re not wearing hose but they need to match your skin tone — if your legs are two shades darker than the rest of your body, that looks weird. The other option is to go completely opposite with fishnets, or pattern tights, or opaque.”

And he elaborates in this video:

So there you have it!  Either wear them like you mean it, or go with the super sheer styles that disappear on your legs.

Best Legs Contest on The Paul Duane Show

GBEX10_lgI wear a few hats during the course of a month. Aside from running Hosiery Review, I am the creator and host of a late night talk show, The Paul Duane Show. It’s a late night talk show, live in Salt Lake City.  Readers of this blog will be interested to know that I wear outfits that incorporate pantyhose and heels on stage as I host the show. I decided that it would be fun to share the love of legs with the audience, so we did a Best Legs Contest.  I invited women from SLC to come and compete on the show, and compete they did!

shapings logoWe were very fortunate to have the show and contest sponsored by Shapings.com.  They sent some wonderful pantyhose for each of our contestants to wear; the Gabriella Exclusive 10’s.  This is an “entry level” hosiery from the Polish maker, but let me tell you – they feel and look 10x nicer than anything you can buy from an American hosiery maker, all price considerations aside. They are the silkiest feeling hosiery I’ve ever worn. A more complete review of them will be forthcoming in a separate post. For now, just know that if you want a real treat in the hosiery department for under $8.00 USD, this is what you need to buy. Get them here: http://www.shapings.com/pantyhose/exclusive-10-pantyhose.html


Many beautiful ladies on stage…

lmsorenson_17may2013-1The final two contestants. The girl on the left was decleared the winner by our celebrity judges.

Below is a highlight video of the contest:

Review: Nordstrom Sheer Gloss Pantyhose


On stage while hosting The Paul Duane Show. You can see the sheer and glossy character of them in this shot.

With summer approaching, I began a search for some new go-to nude pantyhose to rely on this summer. I wanted something that was very sheer, very lightweight,  long lasting,  something that gives my legs that little something extra that makes people look three times, and – something with a luxurious, silky feel.  In the past I’ve been able to find hosiery that meet any 2 of these criteria at any time, finding all traits in one pair has been elusive.

I noticed on Nordstrom.com that they had a new style of Nordstrom branded pantyhose: Sheer Gloss.  That piqued my curiosity. I bought a pair and have been very pleasantly surprised at the results.

Out Of The Package:

Right out of the package, they seemed appropriately long in the leg. Sometimes this points toward a pair of pantyhose that will be a tad tall in the sizing, and this proved to be the case. It wasn’t by much, but it made me wonder if I could have gotten away with wearing one size smaller than I usually would expect to buy.  These pantyhose are made in Italy for Nordstrom, and that became immediately obvious. The Itallian hosiery mills are well known for their superior quality.  This is an $11.00 pair of pantyhose that has a low rise panty portion, flat seams, an invisibly reinforced toe, and a 10 denier leg.  I bought them in black.  As I pulled them up, they fit perfectly. The fabric appeared to be silky right out of the package, and as they stretched over my legs, the silkiness really became obvious. They are both very silky to the touch; they also feel really nice when you rub your legs together (not all ultra sheer hose can brag this).

A Quick Lesson About Hosiery Manufacturing:


Nylon is extruded kind of like this, but on a microscopic scale.

Pantyhose are typically made up of two kinds of yarns that are woven together to create the fabric that makes up pantyhose: Nylon and a more elastic thread such as Lycra, Spandex, or Elastane. Nylon is typically being the major component in pantyhose, comprising 75% – 95% of a typical pair. When Nylon is manufactured, it is extruded into tiny threads of different shapes. Some threads are round, some are oblong, some are square, some are triangle shaped. Different shaped threads impart different characteristics to the final fabric. Think of the Play-dough extruders that you used to play with as a kid, and you’ll have the right idea.  When the hosiery mill wants something that has a more matte finish, they will use a round thread. The round threads refract the light in different directions, lending the non-shiny, matte appareance. If they want a glossy finish, a triangle shaped thread is used.  These Sheer Gloss pantyhose  had a nice transparent quality to them, although due to the inherent glossy finish of the fabric, they can make one’s legs look kind of blanched when photographs are taken using a direct flash.  Photos aside, to the naked eye, these pantyhose really live up to their name: sheer gloss. Most certainly a triangle shaped thread at work.

In The Real World:

I wore them on stage as I hosted my talk show, The Paul Duane Show, and then to an afterparty that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. They completed the first night of wearing without any damage.  I washed them and wore them for a second night. At the end of the second night, they developed some very small pinholes where a few yarns had broken, but runs did not develop. A small, almost invisible dot of clear nail polish secured the threads and set the stage for a third and fourth wearing.  They did not actually fail until after I had come home from the fourth night out in them. I was walking around without shoes on, and a hole was created in the foot. I live in a place with old reclaimed wood floors that are wrought with imperfections: not a place to wear hosiery without shoes. 537454_10151318746061862_1967522928_n

These pantyhose cost $11.00 per pair (or 3 / $30 ) which brings the cost per wearing to $2.75 (or $2.50 if you buy in bulk).  This is an excellent value, in my opinion, especially when compared with the copious failure rate of what I used to consider the old stand by, Hanes Silk Reflections (they are pretty nice to wear, but I often only get one wearing out of them, at $8.00 per pair).

Fit: 9 / 10

Feel: 9/10

Look: 9/10

Longevity: 4 solid nights out on the town!

Cost per wear: $2.75

I’m a fan. I’ll be purchasing some of these pantyhose in nude shades soon. If my experience with them changes in the future, I’ll update this review accordingly.