Rocking the heels and hose on stage

Hey everyone, I’ve got a little project coming up that I thought I’d tell you about.  I’m hosting a new show.  It takes inspiration from the late night talk show format, and we do it live on stage, in Salt Lake City.

Here’s why I’m bothering to tell you: I’m going to rock the pantyhose & heels on stage. I’ll be interviewing politicians, entertainment figures, comedians, etc.

Paul Duane Show March 13 2013
Talk Show Host Paul Duane will be the man in pantyhose & heels as he interviews politicians, authors, entertainers, comedians and musicians.

Click here, or on the graphic, to see more details about the show.

Would you watch the show if we filmed it and made it available online?   If you want to see that happen, leave a comment below.

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