S.B. 261 insanity

Below is my letter to Sen John Valentine, who has sponsored a bill that will further complicate the already cumbersome business of alcohol sales in Utah.  Find your local representatives here:  http://www.utahsenate.org/aspx/roster.aspx   and contact them, as well.


Dear Sen. Valentine,
I’m writing to express concern over S. B. 261, which you are the chief sponsor of.

Can you please explain to me how the requirement for restaurant customers to be seated while drinking, serves the general public welfare?

Can you please explain to me how the ban on heavy beer resale in containers greater than 12 ounces will contribute to the general public welfare?

Can you please explain to me how the prohibition on holding two drinks at once will promote the general public welfare?

These regulations put undue strain on good honest businesses like Epic Brewing and Uinta Brewing,  who have brought notoriety and positive attention to Utah.  Though you may not personally choose to partake of their products, they exemplify the values of innovation, honesty, and hard work that our state was founded upon. Furthermore, regulations such as this amplify the negative image that Utah already has among tourists.  Tourism and conventions are a HUGE part of our state’s economy.  When tourists, even planners, and convention planners consider sites around the country,  silly rules such as these will make Utah far less attractive of a destination.     Your bill actually works AGAINST the public good.

As a republican, you should be standing for small government and personal freedom.  As a Latter-day Saint, you also should be standing for personal agency and freedom.  Can you please explain to me how your new bill abides in the spirit of SMALL GOVERNMENT and personal liberty?  Even the LDS Church found a way for patrons of the restaurants at it’s new City Creek development to enjoy alcoholic beverages on their property, which was very admirable.

As a small business owner, and one who patronizes many local businesses, I implore you to reconsider.  Please don’t drive away the much needed tourism and convention dollars that keep our local economy robust.

best regards,

Paul Duane

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