Review: Secrets In Lace Signature Pantyhose

photo courtesy of Secrets In Lace

I recently took some new hosiery out on the town: Secrets In Lace Signature Pantyhose (in black, of course!).  The Secrets In Lace product photography and branding is so gorgeous and elegant, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some actual product. They retail for $19.99, and after shipping, we are talking about a $25 pair of pantyhose. In this price range, there are certain expectations of quality that must be met.

Out of the package:  Removing them from the package, they loosely roll off of their packing card to reveal some interesting details:

  • fully boarded
  • flat seams
  • RHT (reinforced heel and toe)
  • “Secrets In Lace” logo embroidered at the waist
  • 20 denier
  • non-control top / sheer to waist

In the world of hosiery, there are growers, and there are showers: Some hose come out looking tiny but stretch immensely to fit your body. Others come out looking quite large and thus don’t stretch much to create a perfect fit on your legs.  These pantyhose are
the later. I was somewhat surprised at how long and roomy the legs looked.  Sliding into them, I noticed that the fabric seems to be well woven and dyed: the color distribution was nice and even. The panty portion slid right up and sat squarely on my hips as if they were custom tailored just for me. In terms of fit, this pair was superb. The panty portion isn’t at all restrictive, yet it felt perfectly secure throughout the night. The sheer to waist panty meant that these hosiery felt good on your nether region skin. Ladies, don’t bother wearing panties with something this nice – enjoy the ride.   Let’s talk about the feel of the fabric:  In terms of silkiness to the touch, I’d rate them a 7. When you rub your legs together, they don’t feel particularly silky together; I’d put them around a 6  in that department. They are slightly less silky than Hanes Silk Reflections. In terms of looks: I’d say they are on the robust side of 20 denier. They are sheer, but they are definitely not ultra sheer and don’t quite have the elegance of a nice pair of 10 denier hosiery.

After a long night of being out at a busy bar, and then back in my office for several hours, it was time to take them off and assess the situation. They held up perfectly. No unraveling, no spontaneous micro holes developing, none of the seems showed signs of stress. I’m betting that this pair of pantyhose has 4 more wearings in them. Should that figure change, I’ll log back in and update this last section to reflect the actual longevity.  If we are to relate these pantyhose to cars, I’d say these are like a Honda Accord with every upgrade available and a few after-market upgrades. Solid, utilitarian, reliable, and beautiful in many ways – albeit not as elegant as a fine German automobile.

We are an affiliate with Secrets In Lace. If you’d like to purchase these, or any of their other fine vintage styled stockings (or the ridiculously sexy  Pamela Anderson signature line of stockings!), click through this banner to reach their online store.

**** UPDATE ****

I don’t think Secrets In Lace carries the Pamela Anderson line anymore. BUT, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve to be rewarded. Pamela, in her day, was a goddess. Here is some eye candy to reward your journey:


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