Review: Cecilia de Rafael Divine 9 sheer tights

On today’s episode of WTF to do in SLC, which was followed by Act II of “Clean up all of this goddamn mess from Burning Man”,  I wore the Divine 9 denier super sheer tights by Cecilia de Rafael.

Amanda looks vastly better in them:


… but I wear them nonetheless.

In terms of looks, I love them. Super sheer, they add that ever so slight amount of perfect to your legs. They are the kind of tights that most people won’t notice, and won’t believe you when you tell them you are wearing them.  I love how they look.

In terms of fit, they’ve got a back panel in the largest size. They definitely stretched in all the right places and felt completely natural when all the way on. SUPER comfortable.

A few detail shots of the construction:

As for durability, they made it through a full day of shooting and running errands all day. That’s the first hurdle. We’ll see how they do on subsequent wearings. I’m going to predict that the next couple of wearings will go just great. 

And yes, the truck is still caked in playa dust from Burning Man. I just got home a day ago and haven’t even started unpacking or cleaning up my gear. Sad face.

In terms of feel – to the touch, they have a nice, soft, mildly silky feel. When you rub your legs together, they feel – for lack of a better term – “cottony” – although soft, they do not create a silky, slippery feel, one leg upon another.  That being said, the fit and look of them were good enough that I was happy to overlook the lack of slippery feel (a characteristic I enjoy in hosiery).  I’m on camera quite a bit and I feel that they looked outstanding on camera, so for that alone, I’m a big fan of these. Subtle, but still created the right look.  I’ll be wearing them again.

Get yours here:

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