SLC stand up comedian Ryen Schlegel

Roadkill Comedy – 2 Oct 2012

The well kept bar, the clean tables, the contemporary leather furniture, the spotless floor, the professional bar staff… none of these are harbingers of what’s about to go down on stage…

Every Tuesday night at 8pm, the best kept secret in Utah’s comedy scene whirs into action. Comedy Roadkill at The Complex hosts a comedy show that is unlike anything else in Salt Lake City. Every week, a different outstanding local comic hosts the show, featuring 4 showcase comedians. Open mic sets are interspersed throughout the show, moving the show along at a fun pace.

Stand up comedy is a raw human experience. As an audience member, laughing is a visceral, self induced medicine. Taking the stage is a display of vulnerability, a moment when the subconscious emerges into public view, for better or for worse.  I’ve been participating in this show for the last 8 months, and I still feel the sense of buckling my seatbelt on a roller coaster as each show starts up.

Anything can happen.

Natashia MowerThe host, Natashia Mower.

SLC comic Jonny Brandin

SLC comic Jonny Brandin“I have an idea for a band. It’s called ‘Girls poop too’ “. – Jonny Brandin

SLC stand up comic Rick Aaaron“You may have seen me in your home late at night… there’s something I’ve been wanting to say for 20 years:  FUCK!!”  – Rick Aaron

SLC comic Steve McInelly

SLC comic Steve McInelly“People tell you that you’ll marry someone just like your mother. I was shocked as shit to find out my mother is such a freak.” – Steve McInelly

SLC stand up comedian Colin Waters“Mexicans – why would you want to deport them? Even thier shitty food is delicious!” – Colin Waters

SLC stand up comic Lamar Kellywood“Am I really a pacifist, or just a coward?” – Lamar Kellywood

 SLC comic Arthur Carter“I’m a gentleman. I’m eloquent. I read your profile. Wanna fuck? I’m an aspiring screenwriter… aspiring stand up comic… aspiring better person. There’s a lot on my plate.” – Arthur Carter

SLC comedian Andy Farnsworth

SLC comic Andy Farnsworth“Will my ghost be overweight? I’m a fat guy waiting to happen.” – Andy Farnsworth

Salt Lake City stand up comic David Pate

Salt Lake City stand up comic David Pate“Ladies, how many of you have ever made out with a fat man?” – David Pate

Marty Jacobs, Salt Lake City comedian“I really love cheese bagels, but they were out”. – Marty Jacobs

SLC comic Dean Weber“Dating is just justified sluttery. There are no sluts, there are just peoples who are honest with themselves.” – Dean Weber

SLC comic Rachel Jensen” …And then 3 weeks later, I have to explain to my gynocologist why I  have yellow spongecake on my cervix..” – Rachel Jensen

singing stand up comic, C.J.

“♫ ♩♩ ♬♩ ♪” – C.J.

Salt Lake City stand up comic Jason Harvey“Hey dad, are you ever going to have another girlfriend? I want a really young step mom.” – Jason Harvey

SLC comic John Morison“First of all, I have really sensitive nipples.” – John Morison

Salt Lake City stand up comic Paul Duane“But seriously folks, what’s the deal with airline food?” – Paul Duane

SLC stand up comedian Ryen Schlegel

SLC stand up comedian Ryen Schlegel“I think we’ve seen enough examples of how stand up comedy ruins lives.” – Ryen Schlegel

SLC comic Jeremy Sinner“I miss slavery.” – Jeremy Sinner

Salt Lake City, UT stand up comic Ryan Holyoak

Salt Lake City, UT stand up comic Ryan Holyoak

Salt Lake City, UT stand up comic Ryan Holyoak“Do you have any idea how hard life is, how hard it is to keep going?” – Ryan Holyoak

 Comedy Roadkill happens every Tuesday at 8pm, admission is free. This is a 21+ club with a full service bar. Those wishing to do a comedy set should arrive at 7:30 to get on the list. The open mic format allows anyone to give it a shot.  Come down, bring some friends, try your hand at comedy!

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