Is Louis C.K. the best human being alive?

Louis C.K. is probably my favorite human being right now.

Some of you may be familiar with his stand up – and his stand up comedy is brilliant.

His show, Louie (on FX), is 10x more brilliant. Check out these two clips, and then I’ll geek out about Louis C.K. a little bit more, all over your face:

A short promo for his last season:

The opening sequences from Episode 6, Season 2:

His aesthetic is so stripped of pretense, so bare, so raw, that it takes on it’s own elegance and sophistication.  Louie writes the show, directs it, stars in it, and edits it all himself.  All on a 13″ Mac Book.

He is the zen master of comedy.  A master course in minimalism.  Fluent in dualism.

You seriously have to see his TV show. It’s on Netflix. It’s just called “Louie”.  The 3rd season starts on FX  in late June. I cannot wait.

If I can achieve 1/10th the kind of authenticity he exhibits, I’ll feel like I lived my life well.  The more I dig in to his work, the more I am confronted with my own pretentiousness.  I feel so veiled. I despise my veneer.  I think we all do, and I think this is one reason people love his work so much:  He has traveled very far ahead of us all, and is now turning around and showing us the way.  I want to strip away the B.S. from my photographs. My writing. I want to strip the veneer away from every word that comes out of my stupid mouth, and just say the truth.  I’m discouraged at how hard this is at times.

I want to be like Louis C.K. when I grow up.

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