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It’s been an interesting year to be a Mormon.  The excommunication of Kate Kelly from and the impending excommunications of other church members who are publicly questioning the status quo (John Dehlin, Alan Rock Waterman, and others) have shaken many people’s faith.  Many have questions about what it means to be a gay Latter-day Saint, with few comforting answers.  The Church’s oblique statements on why Blacks were denied the Priesthood for so long and the recent official confession that Joseph Smith did not literally translate Egyptian papyri leading up to The Pearl Of Great Price are unprecedented statements with serious implications.

And yet…Sunstone cover 162_cover-231x300

….something compels millions to hold to the idea of Mormonism. It means something special to so many people. I grew up LDS. My grandparents are all returned missionaries, as are both of my parents. I served a full time mission in Philadelphia. I was married in the Temple, was active and held priesthood callings through most of my 20’s. When I turned 29, I had experiences that caused me to take a step back and reconsider what faith meant in my life.

…as have millions of other Mormons.

It’s in the spirit of honest seeking, no pre-determined conclusions, of honoring one’s culture while being willing to question, that I have created this piece. A few years ago it was run as the cover of Sunstone Magazine.  I’m now offering it as a fine art print in a few different sizes.  I hope the image resonates with you and helps you on your path.

This unique quadriptych photograph of the Salt Lake LDS Temple is comprised of 4 different exposures produced on a Holga camera using Kodak Tmax 400 black & white film. This piece is offered in the following sizes:

  • 12×12 print only, $24.00
  • 20×20 print only, $59.00
  • 16×16 framed (slim black wood frame) $295
  • 24×24 framed (slim black wood frame) $395

Your photograph will be printed and shipped directly to your home.  Order yours today:


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