Bang and bad jokes

I went to the gun range with Michelle today. She doesn’t have any experience with hand guns, so we started her on a very tame .22 pistol. I eventually talked her into trying out the .45, she shot once (and I don’t think she was aiming, just gave the trigger a squeeze and held on for dear life. It was cute). I was dismayed to realize how quickly I shot through a box of 100 .45 rounds. This is going to be a very expensive habit.

Just to keep it interesting, I think I might dress up as Lee Harvey Oswald next time we go to the gun range.

Michelle gets her gun on.

 In other news, I made another attempt at comedy tonight. Nate, Vinny, and a few other fellow Roosters took the stage at Comedy Roadkill open mic night.   I’m still working on a compelling way to tell the story of Dr. Cade masturbating English bull dogs. English Bulldogs all have to be artificially inseminated.  What a miserable existence – not being able to even enjoy the process of making babies.  Dr. Cade suuuuuure loves animals.  Also trying to refine a bit about homosexual penguins.  Stay tuned.

If this doesn't make any sense, you have made perfect sense of it. A late night argument with the YouTube app on my TV.

I have more exciting things to tell you, but… although I’m being more candid in my blog now-a-days, I will invoke the 5th amendment and not discuss things that could cause anyone I care about to be physically hurt or arrested. 🙂

Sweet dreams, muchachos.


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