Houston, we have a problem

I feel like such a piece of garbage lately! I woke up around 1pm today.  Same with yesterday. Same with the day before.  When I have a project that I’m very interested in, or an important deadline (and when do neither of these conditions apply to me? NEVER), I have a tendency to push my bedtime back a bit. “Oh, I’ll just work an extra 45 min, THEN go to bed…”  Well, do that several nights in a row, and pretty soon your bedtime has become 6 am.  Which means I get up around noon, give or take a bit.  Which means that by the time I really start my day, it’s 1pm.  Which means that most of the rest of the world is already half way done with work. Which means that my friends will be ready to play somewhere around my mid-afternoon break (about 6pm).  I’m not even done with my workday until 10pm, and this just gets all kinds of weird.

Do you ever feel like you have pushed yourself soooooo hard, that you finally hit the apex of what you are capable of at the moment?  Like a rocket roaring upward, combusting it’s fuel at an alarming pace… the fuel finally burns out, and you reach max altitude… and then you start falling back toward the ground.

I think I just hit that apex a while ago, experienced a little zero-G, and am beginning to plummet downward.

It’s time for a vacation. I need to get out of my house, out of this town, out of my daily routine, and see some things I’ve not seen before.  Get a fresh perspective on the fantastic world that I’m surrounded by.

I’m not here to complain… I have an awesome life. I just think I’m teetering on the edge of burnout.

I’ve been working on forming a new band for some time. I met a drummer a while ago that loves the idea. I have been struggling to find other musicians that I think would be a good fit. And I’ve been struggling to make time to practice. Honestly, the thought of making music just hasn’t lit a fire under me for a while. COMEDY – yes.  There is something so elemental, raw, and human about doing stand up comedy, that in a way, seems to transcend the idea of making music.  Maybe this is just a phase that I’m going through.  Maybe it’s more than a phase.  At any rate, I am kind of confused at my lack of enthusiasm for the band project right now.

Do you ever find yourself feeling “out of gas” for the thing you once were so fired up about?

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