two wrongs do not make a right

Today’s headline on KSL: “Ronnie Lee Gardner executed by firing squad”

If you have ever paid taxes in the state of Utah – you, along with me, have participated in a murder today.

Some of my money – albeit a small amount (murder comes cheap these days), was used to kill a man. You probably also helped pay for this killing. And if you didn’t help pay for Gardner’s killing, you’ve probably helped fund the murder of someone else, particularly if you live in Texas, home of the most prodigious execution chamber in the nation.

Ronnie Lee Gardner is guilty of murder, and my deepest sympathies go out to the loved ones of his victim.

The whole basis of this proposition is that killing another human is wrong. This is why we put him in prison and charged him with a high crime.

And our solution?

Commit the same wrong.

Some of you may argue that capital punishment is a fair “this for that” treatment.

It is a fact that many innocent men have been executed due to missteps by the “justice system”.

How much is an innocent man’s blood worth?

10 guilty killers? 100 guilty killers?

What if that innocent man sitting in the execution chamber was your brother, or father, or son? How much is HIS blood worth?

Let us end this barbaric, hypocritical, and often imperfect practice.

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