Here I am sitting in the chapel I grew up in, the Logan 2nd Ward.

So, this is what I’m thinking…

I’m a recently divorced guy. I served an honorable mission (heck, I was even an A.P!), got married in the temple to my high school sweetheart, was married for 7 years, had 2 beautiful little girls… and my marriage decayed and fell apart. I did all the things that I thought I should be doing, but it still didn’t work out quite right.

I found myself quite frustrated. Bishops, church leaders, authors, etc… have plenty to say about keeping your family together.

But what happens when it just doesn’t work?

What happens when you one day find yourself single again?

I felt very alienated. Very alone.

“Well,________(insert my name here)____”, counseled my bishop, “just stay close to the Lord”.

That’s the extent of the advice I recieved on how to succeed as a newly divorced daddy.

After some time of living some life, learning some lessons, and still looking for more and better answers, I decided that it was time to assemble some kind of resource for all of the divorced LDS guys out there, who just want to have a good life, but are feeling alienated, confused, angry, depressed, and all that good stuff.

Here is what I’m hoping for: that this blog can become a catalog of “what I’ve learned about how to be happy/successful as a newly divorced LDS guy”. I hope you’ll take a moment and share your most poingiant insights with us. Keep it anonymous, but just to give it an air of legitimacy, why don’t you include your real age, city, and state… and occupation. That’s it though. I’ll interject a few of my own as we go along, but I realize that there is much more collective wisdom out there among you all than I could ever hope to generate on my own.

Godspeed, brothers.

PJ, 29
Salt Lake City, Utah

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  1. After 21 years my husband decieded to divorme. We had been married to the Salt Lake temple and I thought my mariage was supposed to be for eternety but I guess I was wrong. There is song nothing last for ever I guess is true I can see that nothing last forever. I say here the my husband has not try hard enough in our marriage but he now said that he is not inlove with me no more Wow That really hurt. Guys if you are really a men and you have giving 100% in your mariage to make it work I want to say one thing to you You are a great guy for having been trying I know there are a lot of men there who don’t and my husband is one of them. I don’t know if he ever will regret it. I know I have try everything I can but like you all know it takes 2 for that and my husband did not wanted to try and he also has fall out of the church now and has also served his mission and I really thought I had it made with this man who is a return missionary but I guess I fool myself. Now my Goal is to raise my 2 son the right way so someday they will not do what their Dad did to me. Anyway Guys life goes on even for woman like me who has tried everything. Good Luck and I know the Lord will bless you because if you really had put your part 100% He will bless you and your children. Good Luck Guys

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