It’s sunday afternoon. For once, Salt Lake City has rain clouds flirting with it. I’m still reveling in the afterglow of seeing The Police last night. My server is back up, so I’m catching up on some editing. The soulful sounds of John Mayer’s new live album are coursing through my apartment. I’ve conjured up a batch of my famous red sauce and penne. A glass of chenin blanc from our very own Moab pairs nicely with the sauce, and also takes me on a mental trip back to my Moab trip last summer; a time of great photography, serendipity, and connection to the universe and nature…and therefore myself. I’m working on my latest additions to The Weight Of Glory project. Moments like these are my bliss. Manifesting my own creations. Being inspired by being in the presence of other great artists (Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland last night… John Mayer tomorrow night). I suppose the only thing that makes moments like this better is to share it with someone who feels the vibe, too.

At The Police concert with Natasha. AMAZING… I’ll put up a write up of the show soon.

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