Open letter to my closest friends

If you are reading this, it’s because of 1 of 2 things: I sent you the link, or, you went digging through my blog.

Chances are, you are wondering, WTF is up with “Michael Adam”?  Fantastic question.

Life is short, my friends. It’s time to play big or go home.

As I prepare to grow my photography business, my social life, my music life, and as my kids become older and more internet savvy, I have to deal with a few issues of branding.  I want all of the areas of my life to grow to their fullest potential, whether that means I’m playing wednesday nights at Burt’s Tiki Lounge for the rest of my days, or that means I regularly have photos in Rolling Stone and Esquire… or anything in between. Whatever my fullest potential is, I want it. This is a step I believe I need to take in order to achieve that.

In the short term, I’m relying on my family / wedding photography business to pay the bills. I will always be available for wedding and family work – my strategy is a progressive one though. Eventually I plan on only doing extremely high end family / wedding work. It’s a ladder that I need to climb, and much of that is dependent upon having a good brand.  My given legal name is the brand that is associated with that work, and it always will be.

In the long term, I foresee my photography / music / writing becoming convergent into a career that brings them all to bear. Clients that I’ll be serving in this capacity will have totally different sensibilities than my wedding / family clientele of the present. If, for instance, entertainment business clients read a blog post where I use the word “fuck” as an adjective, noun, and a verb – that probably wouldn’t matter at all. Having a colorful life outside of the photo studio will probably not have any effect whatsoever on my career. Rock star status, baby.

HOWEVER – I am far from having rock star status today, and I need to navigate my business accordingly.  And, I’m a father of two girls that don’t need to be reading my memoirs just yet.  …and I don’t plan on waiting until I am 65 to start telling my tales.

Thus, I’ve seen the need to have separate brands for the different parts of my life, for the different audiences I’m addressing. My given legal name is already attached to my role as a father, has already been associated with my wedding and family business, and so it just makes sense to let it be JUST THAT.

I don’t need potential wedding clients googling my name and finding things like,  my blog about the night a girl asked me to fuck a warm cantelope so she could watch.  It’s a great story – just not for everyone.


(my given legal name) = wedding and family photo, my role as a father

Michael Adam = all of the interesting stuff.

That being said, I’m sure some of you have questions about what name I’ll be going by in what situations. Honestly, I’m not sure how that will work in social situations.  What I do know, is that as far as online presence goes, they will be totally separate.

I have set up a Facebook page for Michael Adam. If you feel so inclined, take a minute and “like” it here:

You can also follow Michael Adam on Twitter:

The Michael Adam Home Page is here:

I’ll be doing a lot of blogging, posting more photos, more essays, more smart ass remarks, blah blah blah… on the Michael Adam Blog. I’ll be using the Michael Adam Facebook page a lot, too… probably more than my “real” facebook page, so I hope you’ll take a second and “like” it.

I appreciate you taking a minute to read this.  2011 was loads of fun – 2012 is going to be EPIC. Lots of new photography projects, a new band, and a blog that I will freely speak my mind on, unlike before  (for better or for worse, haha).

much love –

Michael Adam, aka … .. . . .

P.S. I am guessing some of you are wondering where the hell “Michael Adam” came from, what it means, etc etc etc… I’ve answered that here: WTF is up with Michael Adam

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