Review: Oroblu Makeup 20 pantyhose

Do you like wine?  I love wine. I can appreciate it at all levels – the cheap stuff, and the good stuff. It all has it’s place. That being said, once I find a favorite, I tend to stick with it quite habitually. For instance, I just can’t think of a reason to even bother with Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere but New Zealand. Theirs is the best, and it is very moderately priced. Why wander?

…because sometimes there are *awesome* things outside of what I normally do. That’s why. I’ve known about Italy’s Oroblu for many years, and I’ve never tried them because I’ve been really happy with the great hosiery offerings from northern and eastern Europe (Poland has some great hosiery mills). Those Polish pairs are beautiful, they feel great, and they are super inexpensive, which is nice because I beat the shit out of my hosiery.  I am hosiery’s worst nightmare. I live with 3 idiotic dogs who love me (and thus jump all over me when I walk in the door), I often do shoots in places full of hazzards like splintery wood floors, scrap lumber, and other….hazzards.

I mean, ladies, take whatever I say about how durable these are and double it, and that’s about what you’ll get out of them.

I digress. Back to the tights at hand:

Oroblu makes damn fine hosiery.

Right out of the package, these 20 denier pantyhose felt more substantial than your typical sheer pair of nylons. It was obvious that attention to detail and the finest materials were selected in making these. They seemed like they were going to be on the opaque side of things, but as I slid them up my legs, the material went sheer and created an awesome “makeup” effect. I’ve had some super dry, irritated skin on my legs lately, creating unsightly red blotchy spots.


Black hosiery mask it pretty well, and it being winter up until recently, this hasn’t caused me any problems. It’s getting warmer, lighter colors are appropriate, and that means flesh tones on the legs. I was nervous to wear sheer nude hosiery out because of my irritated skin; the Oroblu’s did an admirable job of ironing that out. They don’t have much of a shine to them, the matte appearance makes them disappear quite easily onto your legs for those of you who like your hosiery to be sutble.

Color and appearance aside, these feel really, really nice on your legs. It’s just obvious that you are wearing something of high quality. Not a single microscopic thread is out of place (those of you who wear a lot of hosiery know what I am talking about). I put them through a couple of rigorous days of my typical routine: working at the photo studio, crazy parties, dumb dogs, etc.  I’ve worn and washed them a few times and they still feel and look like new. I expect that the Makeup 20’s will carry me through many more adventures.

They are $20… just a little more than the crappy hosiery you’ve been buying at Dillard’s, and five times as nice. Ladies, if you are a frequent hosiery wearer, you will appreciate these finer things.

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