Hanes Pantyhose from Walmart

wpid-IMG_20130807_020301.jpgI was at Wal Mart a few days ago and noticed that they now carried a variation of Hanes Pantyhose. As someone that’s worn countless pairs of Silk Reflections, I absolutely had to try these out to find out what the situation was.  I’m not all that interested in domestic (American) made hosiery anymore, but HEY… why not just give them a shot?  At $5.95 / pair, it would be worth finding out.  I purchased the above pictured pair in XL, Nude.  As I put them on, I noticed a few things. The color was a pretty middle of the road nude. It more or less disappeared on my skin from a distance.  The control top was moderate. As for the feel…. it was on par with what I’ve come to expect from American made hosiery. Not HORRIBLE, but worlds different from the luxury of similarly priced European styles from brands like Pretty Polly or Gabriella.   As I was running around trying to get ready to leave, the heel from my left shoe made contact with the top of my right foot. and the fabric quickly succumbed without any protest, leaving a big hole on the top of my foot.  They never made it out of the house.

Moral of the story?  Don’t bother with them.  They are essentially repackaged and rebranded Leggs Silken Mist pantyhose (both are owned by the same parent company and undoubtedly come from the same hosiery mills).

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