Jake from TLC’s Single Dad Seeking

We’ve all tried Internet dating….  but have you ever had a camera crew follow you around as you go on the actual dates?  TLC has a new reality show, Single Dad Seeking, which chronicles the attempts of several single fathers to find love again.  One of the stars of the show, Jake Cope, joins me (and Louie Bonaciacci), in the studio today to talk about his experience.

One of the early plot lines of the show centers around Jake leaving Ami home alone and staying out all night without telling her what was going on. They built up a lot of mystery as to what Jake was doing out all night long.  I know exactly what he was doing, because I was with him. On today’s episode, we reveal the truth.

Check out the teaser clip from the night Jake stayed out all night with my friends and I, leaving his TV girlfriend, Ami, home alone.


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Photos from my shoot with Jake:

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