Today, February 11th, 2014 is The Day We Fight Back against mass surveillance.  Click here to take a few simple steps to help make things right.

Ed-SnowdenThe burning question of the day… is Edward Snowden a pariot, an American Hero, or a criminal?

Who is Edward Snowden?

Snowden is honored by former CIA officials for his integrity:

Snowden’s recent interview with a German journalist:

  • “If I’m a traitor, who did I betray?  If they see that as treason….”

  • “What is lawful is distinct from what is right”

Utah’s Lawmakers are looking to fellate the right federal officials give the NSA center in Bluffdale extra perks:

Here’s the bill that you need to be concerned about:

And here are the lawmakers that are sponsoring it. Make their lives difficult until they back down:

Not all lawmakers are NSA whores:


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