An insiders view of the Mormon Political Machine


Justin Anderson is a self styled citizen lobbyist and political strategist. He comes on the show to tell the story of working as a political adviser  to the upper echelons of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Justin shares with us some jaw dropping perspectives on what happens when The Mormon Church grapples with issues such as LGBT rights, gay marriage, and medicinal marijuana.

I have UTMOST respect for Justin for being willing to speak the truth, and to do it from a place of love – FOR THE TRUTH.

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Since this interview was published, many of you have asked “What happened to Justin?”  I asked Justin to answer that question for you. Here is his answer:

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Hey Paul,

It’s been about six months since you invited me to sit on your show to discuss my interactions with church leaders and officials. The day I went on your show changed my life forever.

The weeks following the show I was left to evaluate my relationship with God and the Church. I was committed to stay and to work through my faith crisis. I was committed to do everything it took to “remain in the fold.”

During the weeks following the show I had to request the assistance of an attorney. Ecclesiastical leaders of mine showed hostility towards me in emails and voicemails. The Church asked that I delete all my emails from their Correlation Dept and other depts to remove all proof of discussions. I wasn’t expecting an apology, Elder Oaks made it clear that the Church does not apologize. I wasn’t expecting an apology but I was expecting any threats either, I was wrong on the latter.

The hostility that I encountered by my ward leaders added to my anxiety that already existed. Trying to find room for myself, and others with beliefs like my own, I was left with no choice but to resign through the means of an attorney. It was denied when I asked to remove my records directly to my bishop, and after further hostility, I had to move forward with an attorney.

For the past few months I’ve been faced with difficult emotions. I’m still processing my faith crisis which I’ve been struggling with for over a year. I’m trying to figure out if I’ll ever participate in another religion. Im trying to figure out what my life has in store for me. In fact, I sometimes refer to Mormons as “we” as if I’m still in the Church. A part of my heart will always remain Mormon, and I welcome and cherish that. “Do what is right and let the consequence follow” is one of the many Mormon phrases and beliefs that I will always hold close to my heart.

Closing that chapter of my life has been painful, but I welcome the new chapter with hope and excitement.

Your friend,


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  1. It’s been more than a month now. Has Justin been attacked by church leadership? What about his school, housing, etc. as mentioned? I’m worried about it!

  2. To the women who asked what can we do to evoke change: STOP TITHING…over and over again the organization of the church has shown that the only thing it cares about is protecting powerful white males and money. The only way to be heard is to, whether or not you technically leave the community, STOP FUNDING THE PROBLEM PLEASE!!!

  3. Thank you for the interview. Justin’s story has validated many things I have suspected for a long time.

    I do see some on social media asking if there is a way to confirm Justin’s claim to have worked with the LDS leadership on these issues. I’m guessing with the way he describes their compensation to him it would be difficult to find a clear trail connecting them.

  4. Do you have a transcript of this interview? If not, would it be ok if I created one and posted parts of it on my blog? (I promise to link to your interview)!

  5. A great ‘thank you’ to Justin for speaking out. This confirms what I already thought and/or suspected. So interesting!

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