Comedian John Forbyn


John gave a great, insightful, funny interview. Toward the end, he dropped a nugget of gold. We were discussing the role of comedians in society, and he said:

“I think that comedians… I think that’s their function. To blend art, philosophy, and personal testimonial storytelling, to smooth it over with some humor,some silliness, some weirdness, to kind of talk about those things… faith, families, politics. I care about a lot of things, I could easily study history, I could be a lawyer, I could [use] these same talky, researchy, neurotic kinds of talents and use them for something good in the world, but I really think that comedy … I think that people who have a chance, that might have the right kinds of skills to fullfill that role, almost have a duty to try to, because I see people like Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, your Louis C.K.’s, Conans, so many of them… your Mark Twains, people like that, they made a dent – if we didn’t have our Mark Twains, I don’t know where we’d be. What if Mark Twain were an international lawyer and spent all of hhis time skimming the cream off of cool international deals? He could have. But he gave us so many brilliant things that have helped us understand ourselves better. I think that comedians coming out of Utah are in an interesting position to help a pretty big chunk of the nation speak with a big chunk of the other part of the nation more honestly.” – John Forbyn

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