Machiel Klerk waxes romantic

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It’s Group Therapy Wednesday!  One of our favorite therapists, Machiel Klerk of the Jung Society of Utah, joined me in the studio today. Aside from being our resident expert on Carl Jung and dream work, Machiel is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  We spent the day talking about love, dating, marriage, and what it takes to create a healthy relationship.

He said a few things that really struck me during our interview:

Go visit a nursing home and talk to the residents there. Ask them how many times they’ve been truly IN LOVE. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that’s been in love more than 5 times in their life. Think about that…  over the course of a lifetime, no more than 5 times. Falling deeply in love is a rare and beautiful thing. Whether you admit it or not for yourself- it’s the holy grail that most people long for.

What about the 10 – 20 intervals between those magical moments when we meet the love(s) of our lives?  How do we prepare to fall in love?  Machiel put it beautifully:

Be in love… with your life, your job, your friends, your family…

to BE IN love – love in general –  is the best way to attract it.

Click on the link below to hear the show in it’s entirety.

Check out Machiel’s new CD.  It’s a fascinating journey through the words of the poet Rumi, and the work of Carl Jung:

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