Confessions of a former Utah Highway Patrol Officer

Much ado about cops these days.  On today’s show we get to talk with a former officer from the Utah Highway Patrol.  He told us about every stage of the hiring process, what police academy was like, how they train new highway patrol officers, and what eventually led to him parting ways with UHP.

What’s the best way to avoid getting raped by police officers in Oklahoma?  One OK officer dishes out some advice:

This is worth watching:  Hilarious and a goddamn good point regarding JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE REALLY KILLED BY POLICE EACH YEAR??

  1. I find it curious that you would get in depth with a gentleman who was only on with patrol for less than a year about ideals the patrol may or may not have. And also someone who has not been an officer for over five years so would really have no idea personal experience on how the patrol trains their officers or what ideals they have.

    1. Why not get in depth with this guy? The fact that they let him go is an interesting aspect to the story, in my opinion. I’d be love to do an in depth interview with a veteran officer, too.

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