Tinfoil Hat Tues: Vampires! …an argument between Jake and Paul

In a gross act of hypocrisy, I commit the transgression that I always deride listeners for:  After having seen something, still refusing to believe in it.  In today’s episode, I tell about my first date with a girl who claimed to be a vampire of sorts, Jake leads us in a discussion about energy vampires, and several listeners call in with first hand accounts of vampires in real life.

From the monologue:

Utah Medical Examiner’s autopsy agrees with Hunt Family’s private autopsy: Darien was shot 6 times from behind: http://www.sltrib.com/news/1753944-155/hunt-autopsy-sword-sykes-darrien-earlier        Don’t just get mad, write to your elected officials!  Just send them a quick email and let them know you are reading the news, you are keeping track, and that you DEMAND changes that will restore accountability in policing. On the right side of this page, you can enter your address and get a list of every one of your elected officials, complete with contact info. It’s easy. Do it now.

Why we love vampires:




Different kinds of vampires:




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