Should Pantyhose be Part of Professional Attire in the Summer?

legs1Even though business casual has enjoyed it’s heyday in the professional work environment for many years, the pendulum has been swinging back toward dressing up more for work. This often means legwear for the ladies. During the  fall, winter, and spring, it’s not too hard to justify wearing a second skin over one’s legs, but in the summer time, the question becomes more visceral. “Do I really need to wear pantyhose to work in the summer?”

In this great article by blogger Melissa Henderson, she shares some perspectives from a few high caliber women on when pantyhose / tights are needed at work.  She shares insights from a couple of different women on the subject:

Mona Lisa Jackson, Owner of Coeur Lingerie and Toy Boutique says:

“I believe that you are not fully dressed unless you have on stockings. Dressing down is one thing, but when you are getting fully dressed up—when you have your heels on, and you have somewhere that you need to go—it’s not appropriate to not have on stockings. If it’s a corporate setting, they should have stockings on. It’s unacceptable. Even in the summer? Absolutely! As much as you don’t want to hear that, and it’s hot as hell, it’s appropriate. Nowadays, I even see the newscasters doing their TV segments and they don’t wear stockings—you can tell, and it doesn’t look nice. I would recommend Fogal from Switzerland. I’m going to start carrying them soon…”

Jennifer Gach, Accessories Editor at ELLE Magazine, says:

“I think that hosiery in the summer is perfectly appropriate [especially in the workplace]. It’s more a matter of personal preference and comfort, but I think it’s best to stick to sheer options during the warmer months. Sheer, nude, or black can be nice with a summer dress—especially with a bit of texture, like a ladylike pointelle.”

Genail McKinley, a mid-level senior executive at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), says:

“I spend over three hundred dollars a year on stockings and I only wear them in the winter, fall, and spring. I don’t wear stockings in the summer—it’s too hot, and I like to wear open-toe heels. I usually go to Duane Reade or Century 21 for bargains. I go through like three pairs a week! They always rip; I should adapt to a better brand, but Duane Reade is everywhere! My co-workers don’t wear stockings in the summer either. That’s an after-thought. If I have a big meeting with clients, or a review, I usually just wear a pants! Case solved.”

Read the entire article here:


  1. If men have to wear suits, whether in business, corporate meetings, courts, tv talk shows, tv news, then women have to be properly dressed also… Meaning hosiery!!! You see it in talk shows and the news cast, women dressed elegantly only to see their, either, pale legs or shiny oily legs. Hate those reasons….. Its too hot, they itch, they don’t fit…. If women have the money to spend $500 on a purse, why not spend a little more money on fine hosiery and stop buying those cheap pairs!!

    1. HA! True…. Ladies, if you think you are feeling “too hot” in your skirt and pantyhose during the warm months, just imagine how the fellas are feeling in their shoes, socks, full length pants, shirt, TIE, jacket and sometimes vest! While I think it’s silly to expect everyone to share my same preferences for style… the ladies don’t know how good they have it. 🙂

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