The Green Urban Lunchbox

Ever noticed that a Red Delicious Apple from the grocery store is definitely red, but…. not all that delicious?  Today on the show, I learned more about why that is and where all the good apples have gone.  I spoke with Shawn Peterson, the Director of The Green Urban Lunch Box, and board member David Trujillo about their organization’s efforts to promote local food sourcing.

One of the most interesting parts of threir organization is the fruit share program. If you have fruit trees in your yard, you know that when the fruit is ripe, you never eat all of it.  Here’s a brief rundown of what happens with the fruit share program:

  • Register your fruit trees with The Green Urban Lunch Box at . Just provide some basic info about the trees, what kind they are, how old, when they usually come ripe, etc.
  • The guys from Green Urban Lunch Box will come to your home and teach you how to care for the tree.
  • At harvest time, they will show up with some volunteers and harvest the fruit.
  • You keep a portion of the fruit, they take the rest, sending a large portion of the fruit to the Utah Food Bank.

Here are some links we referenced during the show:

Amish farmers getting busted for selling raw milk:

Organic Oreos! The pinnacle of absurdity.

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