Cannabis Extract & Hemp Research May Be Legalized in Utah

The transmitter at KTalk went down today, so we are off the air… but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t going on, in some form or another!  Exciting things are happening on Capitol hill in Utah today.  H.B. 105 would make certain Canabis extracts legal in Utah with a doctor’s recommendation.marijuana1 It also opens the door for research on industrial hemp (which is a HUGE deal).  Here’s the bill:   It has a few really cool provisions:

  • permits the Department of Agriculture and a department-certified higher education institution to grow industrial hemp for the purpose of agricultural or academic research;
  •  exempts an individual with intractable epilepsy who uses or possesses hemp extract, and complies with other requirements, from the penalties related to possession or use of the hemp extract under the Controlled Substances Act;
  • exempts an individual who possesses hemp extract and administers the hemp extract to a minor with intractable epilepsy from the penalties related to administering the hemp extract to a minor under the Controlled Substances Act

There are many people who suffer from epilepsy, and this is a well documented, very effective therapy that can bring normalcy to the lives of the afflicted.   Though not a full legalization of medical marijuana, this is the first step.  The benefits of decriminalizing, legalizing marijuana are numerous and you all understand them. Here’s what we need to do, today:

Use the widget to the right of this article and contact your elected officials via phone or email and ask them to support HB 105.  Do it now. It will only take 2 minutes, and just think of how much better a place the world will be when we move past the silliness and destruction of keeping this amazing plant from people research institutions, and industry.


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