The Greater Vision of The Paul Duane Show

I need to warn you right now… and I probably don’t need to because I doubt more than 2 people will ever see this document, but for what it’s worth:  what you are about to read is bat shit crazy. I’m not saying it was wrong, or misguided, or anything remotely derogatory.  “Bat Shit” is a specific stage of crazy. It’s an audacity with few peers.  It goes to the auto store, purchases some ‘truck nuts’, and hangs something resembling two billiard balls in a flesh colored sock, resulting in a pair of profanely hairless, oversized testicles swinging from the trailer hitch of the jacked up pickup truck that is “Bravado”.

If you’re not in the mood for a little ambition and vision expressed, just look up and click that X in the top right corner of your screen.


I found myself watching an interview between Alex Jones  and Billy Corgan, frontman and founder of Smashing Pumpkins.  The title grabbed me. The possible clash of personalities intrigued me.  I watched the interview.  I was blown away. Billy gets it. Big time. 

Listen to Billy try to coach Alex on how to become more relevant.  Listen to Billy’s stirring sermon on the importance of creating works of art and media that are widely accessible and rooted in solid philosophies of freedom.  Billy gets it. He sees the need. He urges Alex to make the shift, and Alex seems befuddled.

It’s Principle 1 of The Paul Duane Show:  Power of the party: Showing people a good time is the most effective way to communicate a new idea.

The Paul Duane Show is ready and poising to fill that void, to answer that call that Billy did not issue, but did describe. I can’t do anything without you.  Without an engaged audience, I am just a hopeful nerd talking into a microphone in a closet in a strip mall in South Joran, Utah.  If you dig it – subscribe to the podcast. Listen on the radio. Like us on Facebook. Join the show’s email list. We will always respect your time when we take a moment to send you an email by keeping it concise and relevant. Look over to the right. scroll up a little. See it? Yep. Easy, huh?

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