today’s accomplishments

Here’s what I’ve accomplished today, thus far:

  • woke up at 9:30 am
  • beat off
  • delivered Musser wedding images via skateboard
  • delivered Simmons wedding images via skateboard
  • researched local screen printing companies to print the official Paul Duane t-shirt
  • picked up lunch at La Bella Piastra, one of my old lunchtime spots from my USPS days … via skateboard
  • ate said lunch – mushroom trio sauce over bowtie pasta – and watched episode 10 of Louie, in which he gets raped by his dentist while having a laughing gas overdose induced dream in which he meets Osama Bin Laden and convinces him to not be a terrorist anymore.
  • got online merch store set up so you can now buy a “fuck you paul duane” beer mug (t shirts, too)

Agenda for the rest of the day:

  • deliver Evans temple square family portraits
  • edit drag queen photographs from last night
  • finish up marketing for this month’s boudoir promotion
  • have dinner and drinks with my cousin. Items up for discussion:  psychic phenomena, viral marketing, cross dressing, california, past lives, the art of stand up comedy, and her difficulty with guys. We might even talk about you, depending on who you are.
  • give 4 women spontaneous compliments. 2 can be people I know, 2 must be strangers.  This is Mission 6 of the 30 Day Style Life Challenge, which I have now resumed 🙂

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to live like this now 😀


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