Bike Share programs: part of an international conspiracy?

First things first:

I went on a tirade about all of the people who have been re-posting a video of an SUV running over a motorcyclist, and then a group of motorcyclists tracking the driver down and beating him up.  Yes, it’s horrible on all accounts.  This kind of shit is never okay… but let me ask you this:  What are you achieving by re-posting that video all over social media?  Are you furthering safe driving?  Are you helping reduce violence in our culture?  NO.  You are being a drama queen and are perpetuating the flow of negative energy in our world. Stop it.  What you put emotional energy into tends to become manifest in the physical world.  I am calling on you and every reader, listener, fan, etc… to STOP IT.  If posting a video of some horrific act can in some way directly help a cause or make someone’s life better, go ahead, do it.  But otherwise… let’s only pass along media that is constructive, okay?  Let’s be part of the solution.

Okay, on to the business of the day:

I had SLC Green Bike Share program director Ben Bolte on the show today. He talked all about the dozens of incredibly thoughtful features of the program and the bikes themselves.

The SLC bike share program:

Other cities with bike share programs:

A few cool facts about the bikes and the program:

  • For a measly $75  / year, you get not only a year pass to use the bikes, but a super cool helmet!  BUT WAIT, there’s more!  You also get to use your pass in dozens of other cities who have similar bike share programs. Check out the list at
  • Every bike is equipped with guards on all the moving parts to keep your nice pants, dresses, skirts, etc, out of the chain and wheels, so you can commute via bike in your nicest clothes.
  • Every bike station is solar powered
  • The bikes are available from April thru the end of October.
  • an iPhone / Android app is available to tell you where the nearest bike station is and how many bikes are available

Toward the end of the show, I had a few callers suggesting that bike share programs are part of an international conspiracy to take away our freedoms.  Jon Stewart encountered something similar recently in regard to the new bike share program in New York City. I share his sentiments exactly:—citi-bike

 They’re just f*cking bikes, lady.

To all of my dear conspiracy theorist friends:  WILL YOU PLEASE work on your English?  I desperately want to believe every word you say. I long for that little shot of adrenaline that comes with knowing a little bit of hidden truth that everyone else is ignorant of. I WANT THAT, and I know that many other closeted Libertarians want to, as well….  HOWEVER…  until you can sharpen up your debate skills just a tad, until you can improve your vocabulary and mastery of the English language…  this college drop out is having a hard time taking you seriously. Please. Work on it.  Do it for me. Do it for ‘Merica.

Just for the sake of learning, here is some info about Agenda 21, the UN resolution that supposedly is designed to strip us all of our freedoms, with bike share programs being part of it. Read it over. What do you think?

“Agenda 21 for Dummies”   … or is it BY dummies?

According to Wikipedia:

The actual text of Agenda 21:



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