Pamela Anderson’s new hosiery line

PAMELA ANDERSON HAS HER OWN LINE OF HOSIERY. She has partnered with a very high end manufacturer, Secrets In Lace (  Their products are truly among the finest available, anywhere.

“My stockings are for making love in. They’re real nylon stockings. It’s a fantasy. They feel incredibly sexy, and guaranteed not to run. They aren’t for every day, but they are so gorgeous and they’re historically pleasing. If stockings could talk…” – Pamela Anderson, discussing her new line of hosiery


That’s what I have to say about that.

But wait, there is icing on this cake!!

“The busty blonde announced her plans for the Pamela Couture Collection last month (Jul11) and unveiled a saucy advertising campaign which features the star posing topless in her underwear to show off the racy garments”


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And most importantly, go get some for yourself and your special someone:

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