“Reconsiderations” by Paul Duane. Purchase prints: http://goo.gl/zuC0h

Why do Mormons attract the disdain of others?

Why do Mormons attract the ire and jeers of people? It’s very simple. It comes down to one very basic truth about life as a human being: The way the world treats you is basically a mirror of how you view the world. You attract what you are. This is true of romance, business, and friends.

“Reconsiderations” by Paul Duane. Purchase prints: http://goo.gl/zuC0h

The existence of Temple worship (ordinance by proxy for the dead) is a glaring demonstration that you are convinced that every other spiritual path in the world is inadequate, broken, wrong, and not as good as yours in the eyes of God.

That is why people don’t like you.

The basis of LDS Temple worship is incredibly condescending.

For those of my readers that are unfamiliar, here is Mormon Temple worship in a nutshell: Mormons believe that God is Mormon and there are certain ceremonies one must participate in to enter the presence of God after death. These ceremonies are only available in Mormon Temples. Mormons believe that God is so insistent on this requirement, he has created a way for them to perform these ceremonies for the deceased. Faithful Mormons stand in as proxies for deceased relatives and receive the ceremonies and ordinances in their behalf, the idea being that said departed will have the option to accept or reject Mormonism and the proxy ceremony.

If you want to be given respect and reverence in this world, you must first give it.  And I’m not talking about a superficial appreciation for the “beauty” and “diversity” of other faiths.  I’m talking about a deep, 100% soul level understanding that the spiritual path of another is every bit as good and God-approved as yours is.  The way the world views you is just a mirror of the way YOU view the world.  Is it any surprise that you attract so much ire?

You must be able to look a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, etc, in the eyes and tell them that their path is every bit as important and real and true as yours.

No footnotes.

No asterisks with fine print at the bottom of the page.

No conditions.

No caveats.

To my active mormon friends and family:

Can you do it?

Will you?




  1. Your logic is sincerely flawed! Your premise is that the world is a mirror of your perception on life and your conclusion is that you receive according to your perception. More yet, the undertone of this argument is that the conclusion is justified in action.
    So, using your reasoning,  we can say that slavery came about from the poor attitude of the slave and until he or she changes their “perception” on life than he or she deserves the demoralizing and horrific life of a slave.
    Or to lets use an example more closely aligned to your reasoning on Mormons. The Jews believe they are the children of Moses, the chosen people, and the true believers of Yahweh. They have their rituals, traditions, and synagogues that further support their beliefs. Due to this deeply rooted belief they deserved the thousands of years of persecution and the carnage dealt to them by Hitler and his thugs.
    I get the fact that you used to be Mormon, and that you now disdain the religion, but don’t mascaraed bigotry for justice. 

  2. Sorry Paul you’re wrong, it’s Satan. Satan is the reason for all the ire and disdain. It has nothing to do with the condescending judgmental shame they dump into people, it’s all because of Satan.

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