money on the table

guns and rosesAdam Carolla often muses over the elusive possibility that Guns & Roses will reunite and tour.  He always asks the question: “How much money have they left on the table, just because they can’t get along enough to play a few shows?”  Axl Rose refuses to reunite with the band. It’s difficult to imagine how much money a reunited Guns & Roses would generate on a world tour…. and money aside, can you imagine how much *&#%ing joy, happiness, excitement, and awesomeness people would experience in seeing Guns and Roses play live again??

It makes me wonder what beliefs Axl is doggedly hanging onto, that are keeping him and the rest of the world from something amazing.

A female friend recently told me ” …attractive women like you. I can see it.”  She is convinced that I’m amazing with the ladies and that I constantly have gorgeous women dripping from my fingers.  I don’t get it. I don’t see it.   Yet she and many other people have said this to me before.  I got thinking about Adam Carolla’s billion dollar Guns & Roses question as it pertains to me:

How much love have I left on the table?

How many amazing women out there have I met but not experienced- and even worse – failed to meet, just because of some false belief I’m holding onto, that keeps me from launching into something amazing?

Here’s the thing: I’m an incredibly average guy. Just by sheer numbers, there is a good chance that YOU are more talented, better looking, richer, healthier more intelligent, more cultured, and funnier than I am.

Ask yourself the Axl Rose question:

How much have you left on the table?  Why are you leaving it there?

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